Friday, 28 September 2007

Saints and symbols

Have you ever noticed just how many shrines there are in Italy? If you have been here you will know, and if you have never set foot on our fair shores then you will be unaware that there are more of these shrines, mostly to the Madonna then you can count! They are normally well looked after, and there are mostly always fresh or artificial flowers in prayer and thanks. Here are just a few I had stored on my computer. Expect more to come when I spot them out and about.

This one is in Tropea, Calabria. You can see from the photo it is dedicated to the Madonna and Padre Pio.

The further south you go, the more statues and shrines you will see of Padre Pio. This one bel ragazzo and I saw by chance as we were driving through Sila in Calabria. I have never seen one as unique and beautiful as this.

This house like shrine is in the country side, in the mountains above the village of bel ragazzo Malito

On slightly a bigger scale this statue of the Madonna can be found somewhere in the foot hills of the North Calabrian mountains. Somewhere near my dad's village called Policastrello...I cannot remember where exactly.

And lastly one from Taormina, which is where I am currently living. I am not sure why therefore I have photos of shrines from Calabria...but there you go. This one i think is St. Francis Sorry if I am wrong, which I admit I may well be (I am not so religious and there are so many saints...)

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