Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The skies have opened...

Last night the rain came finally after four months, and not just the rain, but thunder storms too. The whole sky was lite up throughout the night as we have been hit with a forceful but much needed storm. The whole town of Taormina was like a strobe light as the lights in not just my house, but the whole town were flashing on and off throughout the entire night, interrupting my watching of 'Miss Italia!' (Sad I know, but I do enjoy these shows. Never found out who won as the power was off at that time and I gave up and went to bed.)

And still it is raining now, non-stop since last night. Can you guess what that means? More stupid tourist comments then you can imagine. My little phone has been red hot since this morning.

An old man calls me from a 5 star hotel.

O.M: 'Leanne, I would like to go home tomorrow. Can you please change my flight.'

L: 'May I ask what the problem is?'

O.M 'Its the awful weather, and all the rain.'

L: 'I see, but it only started last night, and you only arrived yesterday are you sure you want to go? I have done a BBC weather forecast which promises sunshine for the rest of the week. However if you want to go home I can get you a quote on a new flight.

O.M: 'What do you mean a quote? Do I have to pay to move my flight. Oh no, I don't think I will be going home then. And if the BBC say good weather then...thank you Leanne. I will stay put for the time being.'

really...a little rain and the old pom's are wanting to go home to the UK where it is...hang on...raining their too.

A middle aged lady caught me in the post office this morning. I was uniformless and in casual dress and do not like assisting anyone in the post office as the tourists are so stupid they cannot work out how to use the ticket machines even though there is a sticker pointing to the button, and saying the word for STAMP in a few languages.

Thank god I decided to help two lost souls as they then said,

'Aren't you the girl from the bus. Aren't you Leanne our concierge?'

L: 'Oh, yes, hello it is me.'

'Well you did not mention on the bus that it would be raining. We are most disappointed as wanted to go to Mt Etna tomorrow.'

L: 'Ah...Yes, sorry about that. I did not mention the rain, but you know I was not sure it would be coming...'

'Well is there something you can do about it?'

Hmmm..all of these comments are true, and come from the mouth of my English (normally old and middle aged) customers.


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Leanne said...

Gosh, what on earth is this message in a selection of languages?

Farfallina said...

Ah, you got a spam comment leanne! You know, it's okay to delete those :)

In any case, I think that the lady was expecting you to gracefully raise your arms to heaven, and pointing a finger to the cloud command for the rain to stop! Part of the job description, after all :)

Leanne said...

Yes, you are right Farfallina, I should have deleted the spam...but I thought someone had just written to me in some foreign language! Gosh, I have a way to go yet with this blogging.