Sunday, 23 September 2007

Stupid tourist comment of the day

Tourist comments:

Saturdays are quite busy for my colleague Luisa and I as we have most of our arrivals from the UK and it is airport day. I had a customer call last night who was staying in a nice 4 star hotel. Once it is established that I speak English the conversation goes something like this:

Customer: "Leanne I am not happy with my room as your brochure says sea view, and I do not have a sea view."

L: "Ok, let me check with reception and I'll get back to you."

Few minutes pass...

L: "Hello, it's Leanne calling back. The hotel have confirmed you do have a sea view, so can you please explain the problem?"

C: "There is a tree blocking the view. So we cannot see all of the sea."

L: "Unfortunately there is nothing I can do, as the hotel is near the public gardens and there are many trees close to the hotel. They are very old too so although they are obstructing the view, you do have a sea view."

C: "Can't you get someone to cut the tree down?


Delina said...

It must be a real test of patience dealing with these people!

Leanne said...

Yes, you have to be patient..and often you don't know if you should laugh or cry!

Anonymous said...

Your joking!!! l would have to try really hard to stop myself from laughing.

Leanne said...

I am serious...And yesterday I received a written complaint from someone else about the tree thing. They claim they could not sufficently see the sea as 90 % of their view was obstructed by a tree!