Monday, 1 October 2007

Stupid tourist comment of the day

The people that complained about the sea in yesterdays 'stupid tourist comment of the day' wrote a 5 page letter about everything imaginable. Part of there letter was addressing a theft from the hotel.

The theft of a face washer (or face cloth) from the bathroom. The issue being this was their face washer, purchased in the UK and they were very put out by the lack of this. This added to the displeasing holiday.

Life is hard for some when your happiness is surrounded somewhat by a face washer.

Another one, by some more unhappy guests wrote a complaint letter about people other then them. Let me explain:

Apparently these complaining guests were eating dinner in the hotel restaurant and saw a group of well dressed Italians enter the restaurant looking for a table. The guests claim that some other English people were seated at a table with a nice sea view. The English were then told to move tables to make way for the Italians. The clients thought this was racist.

The issue is, the English people who had to move were not the guests! They did not know these apparent English people, they could have been Russian for all they knew. People always, always complain about things that are happening around them. Who really cares? They had a nice table, they were eating, what business is it of theirs to be concerned about other people moving tables? More so, why would they waste a piece of paper to put this in writing when there is no response to this.

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