Saturday, 8 March 2008


My name is Leanne and I am an Internet dater. I have been Internet dating for 1 day.

Don't worry! There are no problems with my bel ragazzo...I am not Internet dating for me...I am Internet dating for my lovely colleague. She is washing the dishes as I search the web for people I think she may like, and then I put them in her favourite list so she can view them at a later date. It is so much fun! I can see who has viewed her profile, who wants to be her friend, who wants to 'chat' etc... Also it is good practice for my Italian as she dictates the emails and I write them (she checks my spelling first as we don't want potential 'friends' thinking she cannot write!)

Must go...wrangler_140 looks nice so I've got to add him to our - sorry; her favourites.


LULU said...

Hi Leanne..mmm internet dating sometimes is fun...I have done it with my friend as well and it was a laugh.. but how many weird people there out there??? I suggest Why you don't ask ur bel ragazzo to bring home his long time friend who is still single?? it might work..what do u reckon??? un bacione lulu.. keep me update with internet dating ;-)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Ciao Lulu,
I would ask my bel ragazzo to introduce someone, but my colleague is quite a 14 years older then me and we cannot think of someone in her age group...will keep my eyes open however!