Monday, 21 April 2008

100 more things about me

I have decided the time has come to write another 100 things about me - if you interested - on not - I am going to write it anyway!

1. I have lived and worked in 4 different countries: Australia (Melbourne), United Kingdom (London), Italy (Rome and Sicily) and Portugal (Algarve)

2. I love going on holidays, discovering new countries and seeing different cultures and ways of life. I have been lucky that thus far I have been able to see a great portion of Europe and a little bit of other parts of the world.

3. I live more in the future then the present.

4. I am trying to change the above but it's hard! I love to plan whats next...

5. Because of the above those closest to me know that I change my mind a million times. One minute I will be going here, then the next I will be going there.

6. In the long run though I don't really mind with regards to point 4 & 5 as I think I am quite easy going!

7. I may be easy going, but I don't have much patience. (I know that is a slight contradiction) I am working on this.

8. I would like to have a pet donkey one day.

9. Bel ragazzo says he doesn't mind if I have one.

10. However having a donkey depends on where I live and that is a question that I honestly cannot answer.

11. I have 3 tattoos.

12. My first one I had done in Melbourne when I was 18 and it a tribal design on my ankle.

13. My second one I got when I was 19 (I think) and it was at the same tattoo place in Melbourne. I have a small butterfly on my right back corner of the shoulder.

14. My twin sister has a twin butterfly tattoo.

15. I got my third one as you have to have tattoos in odd numbers to be lucky. This one is on the nape of my neck and is quite big. It is a giant butterfly with some design around it. I got it done spur of the moment when I was living in London. (You can sort of see all three in the picture, if you look close on my left ankle it may look like some dirt, and there is a faint other thing on my right shoulder...this photo by the way was in a rainforst in Australia - I have never been anywhere so humid in my whole life!)

16. Did I mention that? I am a little impulsive, normally only when it comes to big things. It may take me a while to buy a pair of shoes, but to get a tattoo, move to the other side of the world, quit a job etc... are easy decisions for me to make.

17. Carrying on from the points above I don't much listen to my mind, I listen to me heart.

18. I have been to see a clairvoyant twice.

19. I liked the firsts ones predictions much better then the second one!

20. I only went twice as my twin sister was mad and told me I had to go twice to prove that nothing they say is true.

21. Who knows...I do believe in destiny.

22. I always see signs.

23. Bel ragazzo and my twin think I am a little crazy and that I read a little too deeply into some signs.

24. Hmmm...ok - sometimes that's true.

25. Like when I thought the dead were trying to communicate with me through my bel ragazzo's mobile phone.

26. I am not crazy - honestly I have never thought the dead could communicate with me, but I had just finished reading the book by Alison DuBois (You know that television show 'Medium') and in the book she says that the dead try to communicate with us through many different channels and we have to be open to receive messages and to 'hear them.' Luckily no one close to me has ever died - so I am not sure who I thought was trying to talk to me, but I scared myself silly thinking that someone was.

27. Still confused with how point 25 and the mobile phone comes into it? Bel ragazzo has two mobile phones and he always switches them off before going to bed. One night, when we were on holiday in Australia, and sleeping at the house of my twin, I was just drifting off when his SWITCHED OFF mobile phone started to flash into action! I was petrified but to cut a long story short bel ragazzo said his mobile phone always did that as it was faulty...

28. I am no longer 'open' to receive messages and the like.

29. I cannot (obviously) watch scary movies as I get a little bit too scared.

30. Bel ragazzo does not think I should watch shows like 'Medium' or Ghost Whisperer' but I like them.

31. I have a slightly over active imagination (if you hadn't already guessed!)

32. When I am alone I often hear strange noises and then scare myself silly by imagining stupid things which I know are impossible.

33. Like that someone is trying to break into my apartment (even though I live on the 6th floor) by climbing onto the roof and jumping in through my colleagues bedroom window. I know this is impossible but I still thought it was happening the other night.

34. I don't think I am strange to be scared easily as I think it is common to have these feelings if you have always lived in big cities.

35. If I was to live in the country it would take a lot of getting used to.

36. Also my fear could be justified as I was chased home from the train station once when living in Melbourne.

37. Rather then calling the police or a security guard (I had made it safely into an all night supermarket) I called my twin sister to come and save me.

38. When she turned up he had gone, but we drove laps of the car park to see if we could find him.

39. Also adding onto point 34-38 I was asleep when someone broke into my house.

40. The police think they probably saw me in bed, and fled the house.

41. I was living with my aunt in Melbourne at the time.

42. I was lucky.

43. But Melbourne is not a scary or dangerous place!

44. My housemate in London got chased home from the train station by a man who tried to grab her.

45. She got away and this time we called the police.

46. It happens in all big cities.

47. So that is why sometimes I am a little paranoid and scared.

48. Saying that I am ok on my own now.

49. I used to live on my own in Melbourne for a year and I coped just fine.

50. I would rather be with people then alone however.

51. I think it is a twin thing as my twin sister is the same. We are not used to being alone as we have never had to be alone. We were born with someone after all! The rest of you single birth babies had 9 months of quality alone time.

52. Twins run in our family.

53. My great-grandmother had twins but they died very early on.

54. Then the genetics skip a generation.

55. So skipped my gran and my mum then had twins.

56. Most probably we will not have twins.

57. It is most probable that my children or my brother, sister or twins children will have twins.

58. I would love to have twins.

59. Twins are so cute - one for each person. No fighting over who gets to hold the baby as there are 2!

60. My family is very young.

61. My great-grandmother is still alive and well, and is now a great great grandmother (thanks to my nephew.)

62. She was 14 when she ran off to get married.

63. That was life for you in a small Puglian village!

64. My gran was 16 when she was married.

68. My mum was 18 years old when she tied the knot.

69. Well...obviously I have not kept with tradition!

70. My mum was born in Australia, but both of her parents were born in Puglia, Italy.

71. They migrated during WW2.

72. My dad was born in Calabria, Italy and he migrated to Australia after WW2.

(this is not me in the photo. It is my twin in dad's village.)

(This IS me with incredibly tight jeans)

(Me again with some small people of the village. I am a giant there and I am only 5"5 or 165cms...)

73. I was born in Australia but now live in Italy. Thankfully my move had nothing to do with a world war.

74. My middle name is Michele. Note the one L in my name. You pronounce my middle name as Michelle - however here in Italy Michele is a boys name. It is the Italian version of Michael.

75. When people see my middle name I am sure they think I am a transvestite, or else just plain strange to have a boys middle name. ( one thinks I am a transvestite, but they do question it sometimes!)

76. For me it's not a boys name though! It is Michelle only with one L.

77. My surname means little slave in Italian (or there abouts.)

78. No guessing what my ancestors were....

79. My bel ragazzo's surname means false thorn (or there abouts.)

80. Gosh it can be hard to think of 100 things to say...I am going to change it to 80 things about me instead!


Kataroma said...

It was funny for me logging on and seeing a photo of the train station in Melbourne! I've been feeling a little Australia homesick lately...:(

You're a giant at 5'5" - imagine how I feel at 5'11"! - people really do think I"m a trannie (and there are plenty in my neighbourhood in Rome!) specially when I wear heels.

I'm jealous that you have a twin. I was an only child until I was 11 and my little sister was born. I used to have an imaginary twin. :(

My grandmother is still alive too at 97 and will soon be a greatgrandma for the second time when my bub is born. However, she got married at 28. Apparently in the olden days in Australia you had a wait a long time to get married because you had to be able to afford a house and furniture before you tied the knot. Gran and Pa waited for 6 years before they got married for this reason. Both of them left school at 14 though.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Kataroma,
There you go! Hope I helped with the Aussie homesickness a bit. If you were to go to my dad's village then you would not fit anywhere! The bathroom is so small that I have to sit in the bath tub so my head does not hit the roof. Imagine you trying to get in there :)