Monday, 14 July 2008

Cheap cinema in Rome

If you live in Rome and want cheap cinema then head to Cinema Madison in San Paolo where they are showing moves in July and August for €2,50 Monday-Friday and €3,50 Saturday and Sunday.

For that price they are obviously not new releases, but on Friday night bel ragazzo and I saw Biano e Nero which was a light hearted film about racial division here in Rome. It was a simple story and I am proud to say I managed to understand nearly all of it! There is no better feeling then when you leave the cinema having understood nearly all of the film. I am not saying that I have become fluent in Italian over night - far from... but this film was simple and one of the lead characters was a foreigner speaking Italian which can be easier for me to understand as she was speaking slowly and clearly (most of the time.)

If you are interested in cheap cinema then go and check out what they have on offer. Coming up they have Il Cacciatore di Aquiloni which I know will be difficult to understand but for €2,50 who cares! Also Onora il padre e la madre (I saw this in English, very good) Non e' un paese per vecchi (also saw it in English, great film) Il Petroliere and Gomorra (I imagine both will be hard to understand but as I said who can say no when it's only €2,50) Caramel, Tutta la vita davanti, Il treno per dajeerling and many, many more....

Sometimes you've got to love living in a big city.


red said...

Gomorra has Italian subtitles as a lot of it is in Caserta dialect so it isn't in fact as hard to understand as you'd think.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Red,

Interesting! I did NOT know that it had subtitles so now I will def go and see it. Thanks!