Friday, 8 August 2008

Where the wind takes me

A while ago I was going on and on about where to live and work next year. I was seeing signs and not just at every street corner... I wanted to stay in Italy and I also wanted to leave.

Well before I knew it it was time to decide and I was in a rush to make my placements! Bel ragazzo and I were going to return to Australia for a nice hot Christmas, not to mention my (and my twins naturally) 30th birthdays, work the second half of winter and then a full summer but now we have decided to work a full winter and a full summer so there will be no going back to Austraia this year.

So the choices are in and now we have to sit back, try to relax and wait and see where the wind takes us. We are given 3 choices and then they will try and place us where we want, however bel ragazzo and I are applying as a couple so may not get to go where we want.

If we have any say we asked for WINTER
1)Paradise...also known as the Maldives apparently

2) Cyprus (I did want that and negotiated to putting it into 2nd place!)

3) Fuerteventura (one of the Canary Islands, apparently less 'British' then the rest)

And yeah...we kind of want to go where there are miles and miles of unspoilt beaches and year round sun shine - and that's just for the winter. Knowing my luck we'll end up being sent to Russia!

And the summer...what about the summer?
You ask. Is tour guide Leanne and the bel ragazzo really going to leave bella Italia behind? vediamo...


Anonymous said...

Those places are simply heavenly.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Unorbit,
You are correct - those places are heavenly!