Friday, 9 April 2010

Post or not to Italy that is.

3 months ago the bel fidanzato and I sent a 16kg box from Australia to Italy via seamail ~ airmail for such a weight and distance was a little too pricey for us. Italy being Italy we did not listen to the friendly Australian post office when they said the box would arrive in 6-8 weeks. In the grand scheme of things 12 weeks is not so bad considering it's Italy we're talking about!

Today the box arrived to bel fidanzato's parents house, and his dad had to pay 50 euro to accept the pack. We were not at their house or else we would have questioned it as I have never had to pay to receive a pack in the past, and also we had paid a fair sum of money to ship this over, so all costs should have been covered.

Bel fidanzato was furious as you can expect, but of course the courier or who ever delivered the box did not leave a phone number on the receipt. The strange thing is that the same post man had a parcel that arrived from Canada and the dad did not have to pay a cent for that!

On Monday bel fidanzato is going to begin the draining, frustrating, want to jump off a balcony task of calling this post company and asking exactly is this 50 euro fee for? really do have to have patience to live in Italy!



Kelsbels said...

How annoying!! i thought Australia Post were bad! LOL

LindyLouMac said...

How right you are, did you see my recent post where we are waiting for a new residency certificate, patience definitely required. I have learnt to be much more patient since living in Italy!

As for postal charges for delivery! About three years ago we had problems having to pay for parcels from outside the EU arriving (I am a Bookcrosser and get lots of books) 5 Euros a time! It was something to do with the distribution company that delivered the parcels to the Italian post office for onward delivery!!!

Will be interested to hear what you find out! 50 Euros!!!

Leslie said...

I got asked yet again today why I didn't buy a house in Italy.

Um, as I have two big children, a mortgage and have to work full time - I am actually very happy to just go over there often on holiday!

I was last there 6 months ago - and am going back in less than 6 months. :)

Leanne in Italy said...

Hi Kelsbels,
The Australian post is pure bliss compared to the Italian postal system!

Hi LindyLouMac
I am sure that the Italian post just add these 'delivery fees' when they want...either do it all the time or never. We will get to the bottom of this 50 euro though!

Hi Leslie
Back and forth, back and forth from Australia to Italy! That's the life!

Laura said...

Ciao Leanne!
I'm so sorry you had to pay so much to get your package. That stinks! But, you know, two years ago that happened when my Mom sent a box to me for my birthday. The only thing that we could figure out was that she had been honest and listed the actual value of the contents inside. I guess that went over some mysterious threash hold and we were taxed for recieving the package. Or at least that was what I understood. Since they she hasn't mailed anything of that value and it hasn't happened again. Hope you can track down why that happened to you!

Carolina said...

Wow! 50 Euros on top of what you paid from Australia is a crime! The post was one of the most frustrating things for me in Malito- one time I had a package to send home to the states and I literally went back and forth five times with it before I finally gave up! First it needed to be covered in cloth, then it needed to sewn closed, then left open, etc...Seems the rules change depending on who you are, how the post official feels that day and ...the weather..??? Incredible!

Kataroma said...

Ugh - this has happenned to me so many times - usually with gifts (including baby gifts) so there should not be any customs. It's all a big rort IMO.

Leanne in Italy said...

Hi Laura
Maybe it has something to do with the value of the contents - but the last time I sent a pack the value was much higher.. BOH!!

Hi Carolina,
Bel fidanzato's mum used to always sew my parcels in cloth before I sent them to Australia! Seems it is the thing to do it all makes sense as I thought it was just her doing something strange.

Hi Kataroma,
It may be the customs, but we paid it in Australia, and it even says that on the box on some official Australia post thing...but it's in English so no one probably bothered to read it!

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