Saturday, 9 April 2011

Teaching in Italy

I seemed to be destined to teach gangs of prepubescents . My new job involves an afternoon travelling out to a school where, as is my lot in life, I get to teach 5 naughty 11-12 year old students. I've only taught them once so far and am not looking forward to my next lesson. The school is not the nicest of places, the usual public school with graffiti ridden chairs and tables, a black board that for some reason the chalk doesn't mark and rubbish on the floor.

The children, 2 girls and 3 boys thought they could fool me. I was covering for a teacher who is soon leaving our school and upon entering the room the children tried to convince me that they never do school work but they just play games. The trick didn't work, and a little work we did, but the strange thing was that while I was trying to explain something 2 of the students, cousins, got up from their desks and started to dance - some Latin American dance. I just stared at them, rather confused by this sudden dancing disturbance. After separating them I tried to get back to teaching, but had to pay attention to another boy who was vandalising the desk right in front of my eyes. At least be discreet if you want to graffiti school property. After confiscating his pen I once again tried to get back to teaching 4 out of the 5 students since the 5th, although he is only 11, likes to spend the lesson looking at his reflection in the window and fixing his hair, adjusting his sunglasses and the like.

The children had listened to about 2 percent of what I had taught, which was a pleasant surprise, so I decided to take a break and play 'Simon says' which they all think is the most enjoyable game in the world. Literally, the love Simon says. Sadly, whilst playing the brain of the class who is also the graffiti artist pushed over the slowest boy who happens to be the vain boy. The vain boy then started to cry, he wouldn't stop until I distracted him by getting him to help me with 'Simon says' which was difficult since he is slow and vain and doesn't know any verbs in English.

To top it off, I also start my PON placement at the public school where I taught last year, and surprise surprise yet again I'll have a class of 23 11-12 year olds twice a week.I am sure there will be many stories to come.


Gil said...

Good luck trying to teach or should I say trying to getting something absorbed in the brains of your students under such a great teaching/learning enviornment!!!

Carolina said...

Oh you poor thing! Lucky to have a job but sure wish it was with a different group of students! I am glad to hear you're doing well and love the pics of little Anthony! Soooo precious.... See you this summer :)!

Camomile (Melbourne) said...

Did you say you teach in Italy?

Sounds just like some public schools in northern Melbourne :)

Looking forward to more stories.

LindyLouMac said...

Oh my rather you than me, maybe it will improve as you make friends with them all :)