Thursday, 15 August 2013

Things work = strange...

We lived with my parents for 7 months and before that we lived with bel marito's parents straight after the accident until the move down under. So all in all it was a LONG time living with parents. But this post is not about living with parents. It is about our move to the new unit. For those who don't know what a unit is let me explain. A unit is like an apartment (which is also called a flat) except they are next to each other rather than one on top of the other. Two storey units are called town houses. We are now living in a small, two bedroom unit (there are 5 on our block) and we love it.

We only have one car you see. My parents bought my brother's car when he moved to America so they had mums old car just sitting around. Perfect. We were/are saving for a home loan and thanks to the accident (note sarcasm) our savings are behind where we had anticipated they would be, so we gladly accepted this old, dodgy, but functional car. When we lived with mum and dad a car was essential as there was nothing nearby but now we live in the centre of everything and when bel marito goes to work I get by more then fine without a car. Actually even when he is off we don't have to use the car!

I will take photos of the area where we live and I will tell you all about it. It is a multi-cultural suburb 9 kms north of the Melbourne city centre. But this post is not about where I live. Not really. It is about what we live across from which leads me to talk about how efficient the local council is. I said we live in a great area, with everything literally on our door step including the supermarket just across the road. It takes me 3 minutes to walk from my front door to the supermarket front door and I walk slow. So our small unit is across the road from the loading bays which is where the large and very noisy trucks come and dispose of their goods. We didn't get much sleep the first night we were here. There is a sign on the loading bay saying deliveries are from 6am-10pm which is fine. The beep beep beep of trucks reversing and the bang bang bang of trucks unloading come after 10pm, they come all night long. So little sleep came to us the first few nights.

It was starting to bother me but bel marito said just to ignore it, that I would get used to it. But he knows me too well to think that I would listen to him. You see, I just can't let something go. If something annoys me it will slowly drive me crazy until I try and get it sorted. If I can't get it sorted I at least need to complain to the appropriate people. I just want someone to know that I am annoyed. This is Australia however and when something bothers you, you talk to someone and see if you can solve the problem. Loud noises are not allowed at night in residential areas and everyone knows that. We are a civilised country and like to abide by rules (most of the time.)

The next day, while talking the children for a walk I somehow found myself in the supermarket speaking with the store manager. She openly admitted that the trucks do deliver all night long. They used to only deliver from 6am-10pm (thus the sign hanging up) but now they come when ever because suppliers have changed. I was very pleasant when I told the store manager it was annoying and disturbing my sleep and she, equally pleasant suggested that I call the local council. So I did.

The council pounced on the issue as this could be a violation of the sound legislation or something like that. This was a few weeks ago and today the council called back saying they were negotiating with the store and what times would I feel were acceptable for them to make deliveries. You may be as shocked as I was..! They actually called me back, they are actually looking into my complaint and now they are asking ME what I would be happy with... Insane. I never really thought my complaint would go anywhere but now there is a ray of light at the end of the noisy, truck tunnel and maybe we will be able to get a good nights sleep. It is neither here nor there that I get woken up by bel bambino or bella bambina half the time (so I only hear the trucks by chance,) it not important that I think I am getting used to the is the principle of the matter! I am Australian. If a sign says deliveries from 6am-10pm then I expect that sign be abided by! I was nice on the phone and said I would even be willing to stretch it to 11pm including Sundays. We Australians can be seen as annoying, by the book people, but when you live in a country where nearly everything works, when something doesn't work it makes you a little annoyed (not angry) so you make a call or talk to someone and...normally it gets fixed. I have a lived in a country where things don't get fixed for 6.5 years, where complaints just don't happen as you know no one will listen, or if they do listen they aren't going to do anything about it, so now being back in the land where things work is strange....very strange...but great!

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Cezanne said...

Hi Leanne, Great to see you back blogging again. Me and my Sicilian fiance` are waiting for his partner visa to be approved so we can move back to Australia too. It's great to read about your experiences since you've been home - it's been 5 years since I was there. I called the ATO yesterday and the woman offered to call me back to save me money as I was calling from overseas. I couldn't believe it!! Anyway, looking forward to updates with the bilingual babies.
Cheers, Cezanne