Sunday, 13 October 2013

Bilingual babies on air

The other day bel marito and I were interviewed on SBS radio about raising bilingual children. You can hear the interview here it is in Italian and don't listen too closely because you will hear more then a few mistakes coming out of my mouth!


Kay said...

Great interview! Once when at an airport I enjoyed the company of a family returning to Italy. The mother was Scottish, the father Italian. The mother spoke to the children in Italian, but they replied to her in English, and the father spoke in English but they replied to him in Italian. From the outside it appeared that the parents were each honouring the culture of the others, but the children had sorted out for themselves which language "belonged" to whom. It was fascinating, and a great way to pass time at the airport!
I really enjoyed the interview, it was good listening practice for me. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Great to find you have returned, I will have some reading to catch up on! Your family is lovely!