Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Signs everywhere

I have been carrying on for some time about waiting for a sign to tell me where bel ragazzo and I should go and live.

The other day we were watching Linea Blu which is a great travel show on Rai Uno. As I was watching there came what I thought could have been my first sign - that day they were concentrating on the Greek Islands.

I was bopping my head along to the traditional Greek music, clapping my hands with glee whilst gazing lustfully at the crystal clear sea. (Can one gaze lustfully at the sea? Or only good looking men???) I had enjoyed so many wonderful holidays on the Greek Islands with my friends whilst living in London, I think we got up to about 5 islands in the end and loved every minute of everyday.

Ok...well maybe there was that time in Corfu when I was with my twin sister and her husband and we were stuck on the non-Greek part of the island in a hotel complex full of drunk (mostly) Americans wearing togas.

And then in Santorini I nearly died of heat exhaustion and dehydration whilst walking up this never ending mountain in search of ancient ruins whilst my sensible twin opted for the bus (this stupid person told me it was an easy 20 minute walk...)

And when I went to Thassos with my twin and her husband the summer season had all but come to an end and we were harassed to no avail but the overly cheerful holiday rep. And if it was not her bothering me it was the lecherous gyros man who took a fancy to me (there was no one else on the island who was single at the time and there was no where else to eat) and he kept trying to pour ozo (albeit free) down our throats. (My twins husband was not complaining there...even edging the gyros man on.)

Aegina was nice when I went there with 6 friends by accident on an unknown Greek public holiday. We just decided to turn up at the port of Athens one day and let fate guide us to an island (as you do.) No one had ever heard of Aegina (there are over 1400 islands after all) and it was the only boat that had seats for 6 people - everything else was booked...but other then the destructive cats whom my friends mistook for intruders during the night everything was ok there, especially since my twin realised I was not dead since I slept through the whole thing. (I am a heavy sleeper.)

Oh yes...I almost forgot Spetses where I almost literally died by smashing my rented scooter into the back of a parked van as I could not remember where the break was.

Note to one self:
1) Do not think that since you have Italian blood you have an innate ability to drive a scooter.
2) Remember that the old women you see driving the scooters have been doing it since the day they were born.
3) Do not pretend you speak Greek ever, ever again. Especially when given instructions on where the break on the scooter is.

So I had my first sign pointing towards Greece...well until Linea Blu swapped countries and came back to Sicily with a reminder that next week they were covering Spain.


LuLu said...

The Greek Islands were definitely quite the experience!! :P

Might not be a good idea to get your signs from a travel problem...just saying! lol

Any news on the Garbatella apartment? *fingers crossed for you*

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Lulu,
Yes - the greek islands bring back many memories...!
And no - no news on Garbatella. Seems the man is still not interested in making any money! PAZZO...