Saturday, 25 October 2008

Furbi customers

Customers always try to pull one over you. I had a call this morning from our transfer agent who said that there were 5 customers trying to get into a private car that I had booked for 3. With private transfers you pay for the number of people (1-3 is one price 4-6 another etc..) These customers had a mini van since they were bringing a portable wheel chair on holiday with them.

I called the driver who did not speak English and had no idea what was going on. I asked to speak with the guests:

L: Hello, it's Leanne calling from here in Rome. The driver has told me there are 5 people trying to get into your taxi but you booked as a party of 3 - is this correct?

Umm..well..yes. But you see my sister in law and her baby decided to come, so we thought we could just fit them in.

L: I'm sorry but you can't do that. You have only paid to transport 3 people.

I know but the baby is small. There is plenty of room!

L: I'm sorry but there is only room since we had to order a larger car to hold the wheel chair. You will have to tell your sister in law to get a public taxi.

Tour guide Leanne was in no mood to be messed with this morning! She was stern, she was busy, and she rang the hotel to make sure they do not let more then 3 people into the room. So the customers think they can be furbi, that they can be sly...but she's one step ahead of them.

Now to try to find some missing bag left on a Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to London... Yes I know we are in Rome, but these stupid customers decided to wait a few days until reporting that they had left a small black bag on the plane.


potsy said...


Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Ahh...are you spam, or did you just want to say hello?

Anonymous said...

I work in customer service and people try to get away with more if they can - human nature I suppose. It is frustrating though!

P.S. Love the pics, brings back memories of my trip to Rome last year.

P.S.S I hope Paul isn't lonely anymore.

Bitter Chocolate said...

Jeez, some people should really try to connect to this thingy that should supposedly be somewhere in their head...think it was called brain or some such... Anyway, I've FINALLY managed to post the tagging entry, I'm slightly sloooow LOL

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Ms Violetta,
Customer services in frustrating as you have to be nice and helpful and cannot tell people they are stupid fools!
P.S I too hope Paul no longer feels lonely.

Hi BC,
I'll be popping over to see the tag! And yes.. a lot of people forget how to use their brain when they are on holiday.

Anonymous said...

LOl... are u a tour guide? Thats so cool.. I thought u lived down south of Italy? Anyway I love that fountain in Rome it's GORGEOUS!!!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Pomegranate,
I live in Rome which is in the south of Italy...well no, more like the centre. I used to live in Sicily last year, and I am going to be in Calabria for a few months soon.
Also I am not really a tour guide as such, I work in the tourism industry looking after guests when they are here but I do not thankfully guide them around. I just call myself Tour Guide Leanne sometimes as I want to guide the stupid guests away from me!

Unknown said...
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nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I really don't know what to say. why do some people think it's okay to act out overseas. If anything you should be on your best behavior as you are a quest in someone else's country.