Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Stupid Tourist Comment of the Day.

It's been awhile since I have posted a 'Stupid Tourist Comment of the Day.' That's not because no one has been saying stupid things - they have...but that I just have been so busy that I still am finding little time to write. (Don't worry...I am not run off my feet with just work stuff, most of my time is occupied in the social form which is fine!)

Last night as I was dining in a four star hotel which we had received complaints about (yes, a perk of the job is to eat in hotels...and no - the food was fine. The customer complained that his fish and chips he ordered did not taste like British fish and chips, but they tasted like an Italian version. Yes...go odd that in an Italian hotel, fish and chips taste....Italian!)

Whilst eating, my colleague got a phone call from a customer who wanted to move hotels. It was late and after office hours so she told him I would call him the next day, as he is in one of my hotels.

I called to find out what the problem is since his is a really lovely four star hotel.

L: Hello Mr X, it's Leanne calling. I hear you wanted to change hotels. May I ask why? Is there a problem with your room? know that they give all the good rooms to the German's don't you. For some reason all the hotels I have ever been to have something against the British.

I didn't actually know what to respond to I didn't. I just left an appropriate pause and then continued.

In the end the customer did not move rooms since *shock horror* he found out he would have to pay for the unused nights at the current hotel, and then pay for the extra nights at the new hotel. People here ask to move hotels all the time and think there not going to be a monetary penalty to do so.

Ahhhh...gotta love stupid tourists.


Jennie said...

HAHAHA Was he also annoyed that the people were Italian and that they spoke the Italian language??? How dare they!

Gil said...

At least some of the complaints have a bit of humor to them! keep the faith.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Jennie,
I would not laugh if I were you...a lot of people DO REALLY complain that people here speak Italian...

Hi Gil,
You are correct, some of the stupid things are so funny it at least keeps me entertained.

atozbali said...

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