Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I hate honeymooners in italy

The unhappy holiday makers favourite phrase is "I feel like a second class citizen." I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have heard that phrase...come on people! If you want to complain think of something more original.

Today has been an annoying day at work since August it seems is a popular month for young, British honeymooners...who feel like second class citizens. Let me tell you one thing - I HATE young honeymooners. I am not some nasty, unromantic person...but my couples in these past days are out of control. If I have to speak to one more crying newly wed then I will scream! I am sick of being told how I have ruined "what is meant to be the most romantic holiday of [their] lives." I don't care that they are young, and poor and "have saved for a long time to pay for this most romantic holiday of [their] lives." I am sick of them getting there mum or dad going to see the travel agents in the UK to complain on their behalf. And so what if you don't have a view! If you do not book a balcony then why should you get one - for free - just cause you are on a stupid honeymoon!

I feel better now that I have gotten that anger out of me. May I just say something: If a couple is young, and they have no money then why oh why do they have to put themselves into debt so they can come to Italy (normally always for the first time) for their honeymoon. If you want to stay in style in Italy then you need to pay for it. Italy is not cheap. It is not Spain (all the young honeymooners frequent the dirt cheap, British holiday resorts in Spain and think that Italy is the same.) There are no man made holiday resorts in Italy, good views can be hard to come by UNLESS YOU PAY FOR THEM. There are not acres and acres of space for hotels to offer unlimited facilities. Basically Italy is Italy and not Spain, or Portugal for that matter.

So's to looking forward to the end of season when I take to the air and leave the land of tourists behind, to become a (sort of) tourist myself in Australia. If you recall back to this time last year, you may remember that I could not wait to leave Rome...and I was eagerly awaiting my next work location. Well it is that time of the year again. Bel ragazzo and I are taking some time off and exchanging a cold European winter for a hot Australian summer...and then who knows where we we be next year. Well I know but you'll just have to wait and see!


Jewel said...

Well clearly they are just not having good enough honeymoon sex otherwise they wouldn't be complaining about the view outside their room. Really you should pity them.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...
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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I hope you get a good rest in OZ and that no more British honeymooners annoy you....!!!

I know quite a few places in Italy with wonderful the lady above, why do you want views if you are on your honeymoon and are young!!

I have read more posts of yours, do you have soemething against the British..?

Gil said...

I guess I can never do your job as I would tell the honeymooners that they should be in bed!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Jewel,
My thoughts exactly!!

Hi Anne in Oxfordshire,

I dont have anything against British...I lived in London for 2.5years and loved it! I just work for a British tour agency you see so all my guests are British that is why it seems I complain about them...but they are all I have. I dont work with Americans or Australians, or people from any other country in the world...just the Brits. I hope you have not taken offence as really I just write to make fun a bit, it is nothing serious. Just imagine if you had to listen to honeymooners cry all day would drive you up the wall. Also in my cases that I wrote about they had only ever been to man made Spanish holiday resorts so for them Italy...all aspects of it...was not what they had been expecting!

Hi Gil,
I SOOO wish I could tell them that! I had a honeymoon couple in Sicily a few years ago at the most beautiful 5 star hotel I have seen, and they wanted to go home early since it was raining and they said they had nothing to do!!!

Piccola said...

I have to agree with Jewel. I think when I'm on my honeymoon I'd be more concerned with what goes on inside my hotel room and not so much with what's going on outside. I think people forget that the purpose of a honeymoon is to enjoy each other and celebrate their love. If they are already complaining at the honeymoon, imagine what their married life will be like! Don't you just wish you could tell them how you really feel?? I look forward to reading about where you and Bel Ragazzo go next!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leanne, No offence taken at all :-) Ah now I understand what you do and how come it was just the Brits!! They can be such a moaning bunch. Why do they not do there research before they book somewhere...

I would hate to stay on a "man made Spanish holiday resort" horrendous.. They need to get a life and see what is around them.