Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Another one of my favourite things

One of my most recent favourite things is planning my wedding. I say recent as we only got engaged in December last year, and I only really started making plans in the last month when we finally set the date for next year.

I am thinking of getting my wedding dress made as the majority of them over here in Italy are big, poofy, elaborate numbers, which I don't really want. Most probably if I go hunting around I can find a simple dress, but not what I have in mind. I will admit that I do like poofy, but I am thinking that I would like to have a tea length, 1950s inspired dress. Here are some of my ideas:

I would also like a fascinator/veil rather than an actual veil. My twin sister had a nice one for her wedding which I may borrow, or maybe I'll just borrow her netting part and buy the clip myself. Here are some of my hair piece ideas:


Jana said...

the hair decoration can always make a girl dream:))have a lovely rest of the week!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm not a big poofy dress kind of girl either. I did try some on however and I must admit that I was tempted. I really did feel like a princess. I love your dress and hair piece ideas. Wedding planning is so much fun (until about 2 months before when suddenly it all becomes a bit too much!)

The Compassionate Hedonist said...

Good luck. Your dress choice is great.