Sunday, 13 June 2010

Another one of my favourite things

The bel fidanzato and I just got back from a weekend in Sorrento - the place we lived last year...a lovely place location wise but sadly that is all that is lovely about it. Saying that - if you like risking your life trying to walk along the main road which has WAY too much traffic and hardly any footpath so that you have to pray not to get hit by a scooter, or tour bus - then it would not be too bad a place for you to visit. If a weekend away brings up thoughts of walking hand in hand with the love of your life whilst breathing in fumes from the traffic then this place is highly recommended, and if you want to pay excessively high prices for the most disgusting coffee you've ever tasted then look no further than Sorrento. (If you hadn't guessed we are SO happy to be living in Malito and NOT Sorrento.)

So, I do love getting away - even if it is only for a day trip -   or better still a short weekend this leads me to another one of my favourite things - travelling!

I have been very lucky travel wise and have pretty much covered every country in Western Europe...depending on which Western Europe list your using (and there are a lot of them) I'm just missing Luxembourg (seems to be on most lists so we'll count that as one country I've got to see) Malta (only mentioned on 1 list that I came across so I won't class it as Western Europe) Iceland (only on one list I came across...sorry but it surely cannot be classed as Western Europe!) Wales (mmm...some lists leave out the UK altogether but if you include it in Western Europe then I'm just missing Wales,) Denmark (on a few lists, but not them all so let's just ignore that one) Norway (only on a few lists) Finland (hardly ever listed and like the previous 2 countries not really Western Europe if you ask me!) and if you want to include these little micro states; San Marino (hardly ever listed), Monaco (often listed), Andorra (often listed), and Liechtenstein (always listed). 

So getting back to the point - one of my favourite things is to travel and I love travelling with my bel fidanzato. We are trying to be good and save a lot of money as we are due to get the roof on our old country house replaced this week, so for the time being our breaks will most probably be restricted to Italy but hey - what on earth is bad about that!

We've had a friend visiting from the Uk this week so have been out and about playing tour guide. We went to Tropea which is south from us and a beautiful, beautiful little town on the sea - a MUST when you come to Calabria.

Afterwards we stopped for a night cap (a.k.a a tartufo - the famous ice-cream from Pizzo)

i got this photo here
We drove up to La Sila (above) - the gorgeous mountain ranges not far from us at all - it's so nice and cool up there since it's getting hot down here in Calabria.

i got this photo from here
Fiumefreddo is also a little town on the coast that all tourist in Calabria should visit.

And last but by no means least we went and had an after dinner drink and stroll around Vecchia Cosenza - the old town is SO beautiful and so close to us!
I got this photo here

Of course I never took my camera I'll be going back with our camera to take my own photos!


LindyLouMac said...

Leanne, we are so lucky to be living in Italy but you were certainly not impressed with Sorrento were you. I suspect your move to rural Italy has spoilt it for you .

Jana said...

i fell in love with Tropea also directly:)just posted something about it 2 weeks ago...

Iain-down under said...

Hi Leanne,

That photo of Tropea brought back the wonderful memories of the time my wife and I spent in Tropea this time 2 years ago. We had a fantastic week staying in an apartment (Il Convento).
Thanks Leanne

Killara girl said...

i just loved travelling all over europe...i could sit and watch the world go by for hours on the trains between cities for jobs. i also didn't take photos...wish i did.

Saretta said...

Tropea looks gorgeous, never been there.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi LindyLouMac,
I was never 'wowed' by Sorrento, and living there for 6 months or so was really enough for me.

Tropea is just so beautiful!

Hi Iain
So 2 years ago you got to stay in Tropea - lucky you. I have only ever been for a few hours!

Hi Shelle,

I have a camera but often forget to take it with's a good camera too!

Hi Saretta,
If you get the chance make sure you visit Tropea one day.

Michelle said...

Hi Leanne,

I just came across your blog and love it - I will be following it :) I am from Melbourne, and my parents are about to go to Tropea! My dad is from Tropea, my nonna lives three and three uncles live in Tropea - I have been there before and just adore it!

Look foward to reading more about your adventures in bella Calabria,

Michelle :)