Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Getting married to an Italian

It's great to be back in Italy again, and continue making plans for our wedding - even if it is not until mid next year.

I have gone off the idea of the 1950s boofy wedding dress. I started to think that such a dress is more for a guest to wear, rather then the bride herself so I got to thinking, had a long search on the internet and have now found my perfect dress. I am going to get it made and cannot post the photo as my bel fidanzato reads my blog and I want to try and keep the dress a secret (not that I am any good at keeping secrets and to be honest I can't remember if I "accidentally" already showed him the dress.)

I have decided on the Grecian style which I think looks romantic and wedding like. I have also scrapped the idea of having a beautiful fascinator in my hair as this will not go with the dress, and will have nothing at all in my hair, or if anything some nice clips or flowers.

Here are some of my inspiration dresses which I will show the dress maker and together I assume we will make a design.

I really want to post the dress I want but I cannot! I want a simple cut with beautiful material. The wedding invitations are going well which I will get around to taking a photo of one of these days. And on Friday bel fidanzato and I have an appointment to view a possible venue. We drove past it the other day and it looks like it'll be just the place for us as we don't want a typical wedding where you have to sit down in a room etc... so I'll keep you posted.

I still have not uploaded any of my photos onto the laptop so my other exciting news will be coming soon.


LindyLouMac said...

Grecian style sounds wonderful. I think the dress should be a secret to us all, until you post wedding photos after the event :)

I am going to so enjoy following your plans and dreams.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi LindyLou,
Yes, I shall save the dress till thbe wedding! Good idea :)

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed, I really wish to have my wedding in Italy..But I have to find my italian BEAU. first..Congratulations on your special Day..xxoo