Friday, 31 August 2007

Crossing over...

To the main land that is!

I shall be away from my blog for a few days due to the following:

Saturday, the joy of my life a.k.a Airport Days. I am particularly looking forward to tomorrow, as the current guests have spent a sweating, scorching, scirocco filled week here and will surely complain about the heat for the 45 minutes it takes to get to the airport. Then my new arrivals will complain about the unexpected heat and when I bump up the temperature a bit (perhaps I will tell them it is 49 tomorrow...they will believe anything :) they will all carry on in a childish manner on the coach, whimpering and cursing god for the heat....

Well they all come to Sicily in search of the sun. Not my problem if they get more then they expected.

But onto brighter things indeed on Saturday I shall be sailing over to the other side. A.K.A getting the train (which goes onto the ferry) to take me to Calabria where my bel ragazzo awaits.

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