Sunday 19 August 2007

Joing the world of bloggers

Ok...Here is it, my first proper post and I don't really know what to write, or if anyone is actually going to read what I am writing. Or like what I am writing more so. But whatever. I love to write, which is why I started this blog, and if you are reading this 'ciao' and sorry for the primitive looking site. Thanks to sognatrice aka my first blog friend I have worked out how to put some pictures on the blog so hopefully that will distract you while I getting the hang of things.

Perhaps you are wondering how an Australian girl came to make the move to Italy? Well it was very easy really. But let me back track a bit....

My family is 100 % Italian: my dad was born in a tiny little town in the Provence of Cosenza in Calabria and migrated with his family after the 2nd world war. Life was bleak in the village, with little money, work or prospects. My maternal grandparents were both born in a beautiful village in Puglia and they migrated like most people in want of a better life, my nonno before the WW2 fully commenced, and my gran was sailing the high seas when Italy decided to side with the Germans, thus making her new home of Australia to be an enemy country... that in itself is a story for another day.

But back to me and how I came to be here! I was 23 years old when my twin sister Melanie and her then boyfriend, now husband Dean decided to go backpacking around Europe for 3 months before starting a stint in London. I decided to go with them as I had nothing better to do really. I had been dreaming of a radio career after working for the largest community radio station in Melbourne, but that fell through after much protesting and petitions we lost our dream of a full time radio licence. So with massive backpacks strapped to our backs we set off...and the rest is history as they say.

No, not really history. It was not as simple as that. I knew I wanted to live in Italy but got a little side tracked after 2 and a half years living and working in London. Then I went back to Australia to give life there a go...but I only lasted 8 months. Italy was constantly in my mind and it was all I could think or dream of. I was a little obsessed to tell you the truth. I left Australia once again, and returned to London with the goal in mind of getting a job in Italy via an English company. I may have Italian blood but that does not mean I could speak the language!

So the gods were on my side, and it was really quite easy from there. I got a job working for one of the UK's largest tour operators. They sent me to Italy, with Rome being my first place to live. I feel in love with the country, and then further down the track I feel in love with an Italian man too...but more about that some other time. This is about me for the moment! This was all in 2006. Now I am in Taormina, Sicily which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Look at the pictures and see for yourself.

So there you have it. My opening blog. I hope I did ok, and maybe you will be back to read some more about my life in Italy - that is when I have figured out how to do links and lists etc...

Ci sentiamo presto xx

Here are some pictures from Taormina...hope you think it is as beautiful as I do.


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Benvenuta! Love the photos! Taormina truly is one of the most beautiful places on Earth...lucky you :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging community, Leanne!

Lovely pictures. What kind of trees are those? They're so colorful. Taormina certainly looks beautiful. You're near the sea...I love the sea.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Thanks for the welcome Lizza!

The trees are oleandro - not sure what their English name is but they are beautiful and all over the town!

Cherrye said...

Hey there! Welcome and thanks for linking to me. Where is your bf in Calabria (how far from Cosenza)? Hopefully we can meet up one day in Bella Calabria. Looking forward to hearing more about you!


Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Cherrye,

He is quite close to Cosenza, only about a 20 minute drive. Michelle says you live in a nice place in Catanzaro? I have yet to go there, but maybe when I am in Calabria we could all meet up and say 'ciao!'

Anonymous said...

Hello Twin,
I feel special that I made it to the top of the 100 list! Put some more photos on as they are pretty. Maybe some with your friends? Or the man from work that Mia remembers?

Jonny Blair said...

Wow! Great site. This is cool as you started your travel blog back in 2007 around the same time that I did. Hard to keep them going so long so well done! Safe travels. Jonny (fellow blogger and traveller).