Thursday 27 September 2007

Swapping Ciao for Ola

D.Day came and went the other day, with the news that I will not be going to work in Rome, or Italy for that matter this coming winter.

Perhaps I will be saying OLA in Spain

Or como é você in Portugal

Asalamu Alikum hello from Gambia

Or maybe Asalamu Alikum in Tunisia where they too speak Arabic amongst some other languages.

Chi lo sa?

Who knows where destiny will take me for the first half of winter? And next summer for that matter. I will be in Sicily until the end of October, out and about travelling the island (for work of course) and then off to some far away possibly distant land for a few months. 

January or February 2008 will see me back in Italy, and back with the bel ragazzo as we head down to the toe of the boot to live in his Calabrian village for a while .And then for the summer we will be in Italy but not sure yet where exactly...stayed tuned faithful readers as the journey will only be getting more exciting (I hope).


Anonymous said...

Let us know where you end least it won't be for ever.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

I will let you know where I end up. I hope to find out in the next few days!