Saturday 21 June 2008

Happy Summertime!

Summer is officially upon us today and don't we know it! It has been slow coming with June being one of the strangest June's for a long time. Normally it is hot and sunny but this year we have seen more rain and cold weather then never before. In the last few days however summer has come to Rome and it is hot hot hot...humid and smogy.

If you are thinking that summer (or winter) has already started where you are then you are correct as here in Europe the seasons start the 21st of the month rather then the 1st like Australia and the UK and I am sure many other countries.

For me summer time does not mean going to the beach, taking a holiday or the whole month of August off. I work in the travel industry and summer is our busiest time... Oh well, that is why is it good that I am from the southern hemisphere so when our northern summer is finished bel ragazzo and I can jet set to Australia and have a second summer time - when this time we will be free to go to the beach and do what ever we want!


Kataroma said...

I was really enjoying the cooler weather in early June and am really uncomfortable in this heat (at 38 weeks pregnant.) Actually I would be uncomfortable even if I weren't pregnant - I don't get why Italians like 35-40 degree heat. And there don't seem to be any pools or places to go swimming in central Rome (do you know of any which don't cost and arm and a leg?) At least back in Sydney when it got really hot you could go for a dip.

My husband has a B&B so he's also busy throughout the summer. I agree it's great being from Australia under these circumstances though - in January we went to Sydney and had our summer wedding (it poured with rain but oh well) and a bit of beach time.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

I think the Italians like the heat as it means August is almost here and they can take the whole month off...!

With regards to pools there are none that I can think of - well not well prices. One of my 5 star hotels has a pool and they charge 70 euro for one day use if the public want to go...70 euro!! It's not even olympic size or anything.

Best to have a cold bath, or fill the bide with cold water and stick your feet in it (as no one really has a bath tub here either)