Tuesday 15 July 2008

Hello Garbatella

Bel ragazzo and I are moving house... After being harassed mercilessly by our current owner we are out of here - we have a contract until 14th August but that does not stop the owners daughter from sending me letters to move out, and as I write the mother is on the phone to the bel ragazzo... Dio Mio! they will NOT leave us in peace... Oh well, before I know it I can say goodbye to San Paolo and good bye to these annoying owners.

So where are we going? I hear you ask.

We are going to Garbatella - which I thought was a little grubby but upon closer inspection it is not such a bad area...actually very nice. Bel ragazzo and I have done some night time surveillance and it is a very quiet and safe place. Furthermore tour guide Leanne has done some investigation and realises Garbatella is quite famous on the silver screen (or at least television screen.)

The television show I Cesaroni is filmed there (not that I watch the show, but I will now) and there is an old movie Caro Diario in which Nanni Moretti drives around Rome on his vespa - and he goes through Garbatella which he describes as his favourite part of Rome.

I still am yet to find the 'beautiful' part but hey - I'll be living there so will have plenty of time to investigate and I cannot wait!


Romerican said...

There are some really CUTE parts of Garbatella (and some seriously ugly parts). I suggest venturing toward the Teatro Palladium at P.zza Bartolomeo Romano 8. The architecture around there is amazing, there's also a section that looks like a small-town village, it's directly opposite the Palladium, just follow the hilly streets. There is also an amazing pizzeria there called Er Panonto on Via Cravero 8.
Garbatella rocks... you just need to find the good part of it ;)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Ciao Romerican,
I was doing so many searches on the internet to find the nice area and know you have solved my dilema. Grazie :) I know where the theatre is so will head there and then up around. Also I will surely be checking out that pizza place very very soon!!!!

red said...

Garbatella is a pretty funky, "authentic" part of rome to be moving to. Good luck with the transloco.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Red,
I am quite excited about the move now since a few people have nice things to say about Garbatella!