Monday 28 July 2008

New house in Rome - finally...maybe?

I may - and I use this word lightly...may be moving to San Giovanni this week. Let's just wait and see shall we. Until the contracts are signed who know what on earth will happen.

The agent called me this morning to say that the Garbatella man, who tried to get us to sign the dodgy contract came back asking if we still wanted to sign the dodgy contract... I pointed out to the agent (for the millionth time) that the contract was dodgy and that it said that we would have to pay for all repairs. The agent tried to convince me that she had read his contract and it was all above board, while at the same time telling me that we could write a clause saying that the owner would have to pay for all the work if we found something wrong in the first 30 days - and then after that it would be us/company who pays. She then said that no one had lived in the house for so long that surely there were things to be fixed.

Hmm..I am really very concerned now that people seem to think I am stupid. Do you really expect us to sign a dodgy contract especially after telling me that things will most surely need to be fixed?

I spoke to my manager and he sent a very firm email to the agent saying to stop asking us to sign the dodgy contract as we have said (now one million and one times) that we do not want to sign it.

We have asked for a simple, nice and easy 6 month contract for this apartment in San Giovanni.

I have also told my manager that who ever is here working in the winter should look at getting rid of this expensive and somewhat sly agency that we seem to be dealing with. Oh well...I won't be here, that's for sure! (Well I hope not to be here...but then again...chi sa? I hope not to be here we shall say.)

So maybe...finally...after all I will not be homeless.


LuLu said...

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you!! :)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Thanks lulu!