Friday 22 August 2008

Red hot in Rome

Today was one of those days. I was so tired, so so so hot and just wanted to relax all day long. So of course the opposite happened.

It was hot today in Rome, really, really horribly hot and humid. One of those days when you feel you cannot breathe the humidity is so stifling your lungs cannot operate and there is not even a tiny hint of a breeze. One of those days when you are not sure if it is better to walk all the way home or get an un-airconditioned bus - you are going to sweat like a pig either way. One of those days where the payment literally melts under your feet, you have no energy - not even enough energy to drink...or eat a gelato.

Today my phone was red hot with problem, after problem after problem. First there was the doctor who stayed at a deluxe 4 star hotel in Venice, then came to Rome staying at the cheapest 3 star hotel on offer...She was not happy (obviously) and wanted to move hotel right away which is fine, but she could not understand why this hotel was so different to the one in Venice (ah, hello - you paid double in Venice for a 4 star deluxe so of course a cheap old 3 star is going to be horrible.) Eventually she understood, she paid, she moved and she left me finally in peace.

Peace for 2 seconds until 2 ladies who had just arrived called saying they had to get the first flight home. There was a family emergency. One lady booked a flight and left only hours after she had arrived while the second is still here since I told her she would not be entitled to a refund. So she will still pester me I am sure.

Then while I was dealing with this a honey moon couple called about to cry as their hotel room was not the same as the photo in the brochure. The guy was trying to be all cocky but was really just a clueless young guy who could not understand that he had booked a standard room while the photo in the brochure was of a deluxe which is clearly written next to the photo! He did not want to pay to have an upgrade and was busy calling everyone in the world and taking a thousand photos to prove his point. ( are on a honey moon! Surely you have better things to do.)

Then there was the customers at the airport without a transfer as my colleague forgot to book it...then there was the missing woman at the train station who was meant to get a transfer to the airport but she had disappeared into thin air, not to mention the couple who wanted to get tickets for a play but were not pleased when I told them the plays are all in Italian... Lasciatemi in pace!


Delina said...

Oh what a day. Mine's been a nightmare too. :(

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Delina,
Glad I am not the only one with a horrid day!

Tui Snider said...

Geez! What language did they think the plays would be in: Esperanto?!?!

I mean, hello, "when in Rome," and all that... sheesh.

Anyway, I hear ya on the heat and humidity. I'm melting!


Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Tui,
I am really shocked at how stupid some people really are, or more so why they bother to leave home in the first place. If you want english plays then they are best to stay at home!