Monday 10 November 2008

Random Rome

Poor bel ragazzo has been working morning shifts then night shifts, followed by afternoons and more nights at his old is only for two weeks though so it's not so bad but I feel guilty that he is always on the go, getting such little sleep while I am a lady of leisure. I spend my days going for walks with sort of feels like I have a dog but that in this case my dog is our camera...(No I am not crazy and think our new camera is a dog, it is just that our new camera sits on the table, willing me to take it for a walk, so in that respect it is like a dog.)

Anyway, enough camera/dog talk. Here are some random photos we took around Rome:

Some photo's from the Fori Imperiali one of the most famous streets in Rome. This is the heart of the ancient city with ruins on either side. If you are in Rome it is particularly nice to stroll along here on Sundays as the road is closed off to traffic.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Me being artistic


Bitter Chocolate said...

Nikita takes some onderful photos! Can't help but wonder if it's a he or a she though ;D

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi BC,
Nikita is a girl of course! She does take great photo's and she is only a baby so imagine what good photo's she'll take once we can understand all the different settings!