Monday 31 August 2009


Bel ragazzo and I had a friend down from Rome this weekend. We jumped in the car Sunday mid-morning (none of us are really morning people) and set off for a drive along the Amalfi Coast. We were a little worried that - being a Sunday - the coastal road may have been grid-locked with traffic, but it was such a pleasant surprise to find near empty roads! Most of the Italian families must have already been heading home as their month long holidays came to an end.

We were so hot as we wandered around Amalfi for a while before going for a long awaited swim! It has been so hot - and not just lately but for the entire month. We keep having false promises of rain, but I still have not seen more then one drop in two months.

Bel ragazzo and I acted as tour guides, basically reciting what the tour guide had told us a month or so ago when we went on an excursion to the Amalfi Coast for work. The guide said that to get married in the main church there is a nine year waiting list, and most girls will put their names down - even if they are single - and pray that by the time 9 years has passed they have found a partner and are ready to use their church booking!

If the girls do end up getting married then apparently the first thing they do after the ceremony if walk down to the fountain in the main piazza below the church and rub the statues breasts as this is meant to make them nice and fertile! I must say that I did rub the statues breasts...but we did not enquire about putting our names on a 9 years waiting list to get married in the church!

Amalfi is a beautiful, little town. I first visited when I was on a holiday in Positano many years ago and was surprised at how small the town centre actually is. I am so glad that the Italians have finished their holidays as now bel ragazzo and I will be making many more trips down the Amalfi Coast!


Andrea said...

I've been to Italy many times but I feel like I've missed out on the best places. I think I'll need to hire a car and check out all the amazing places you've mentioned on your blog!

Laura said...

Ciao Leanne! I'm so happy you had a nice day in Amalfi. Isn't it lovely now that you can drive & actually park in Amalfi? It was like a ghost town this morning compared to the last few weeks. Amalfi is really a welcoming little town, especially when you start exploring the side streets and little piazzas. I didn't know that about the 9 year waiting list! But watching the brides totter down the steps in their fancy dresses and high heels is always a spectacle. They always get a cheer from the locals watching when they make it to the bottom! :-) I hope you and bel ragazzo can come to Amalfi again for a visit!

Rosa said...

I notice that you sneaked back to Posi and didn't call me!

Didn't know that about the statue. I wonder if the water from the fountain works miracles too...

Gil said...

Your pictures are just awesome! Thanks for posting. I hope we make it to Amalfi soon.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Andrea,
There are so many beautiful places in Italy and I admit I have been lucky enough to see a lot of them...but there are still a lot more on my list!

Hi Laura
Amalfi and the whole of this area actually is SO much nicer before or after August! Such a pleasure to become a tourist again!

Hi Scintilla,
HA! Sorry, I did sneak into Positano but only for a quick visit!

Hi Gil,
I'm glad you like the pics :)