Monday 22 March 2010

Infermeria Leanne

Since living in Malito I have acquired quite a few new jobs. I am now somewhat of a makeup artist to those women in town who have no daughters, have their sons wedding to attend and have never worn makeup in their lives. My first "client" was bel fidanzato's mum for my brother-in-laws wedding. The only make-up that she wears is lip stick. She did not even wear make-up to her own wedding, but on the day of her sons wedding, she wanted to spruce herself up and I came to the rescue!

I have my second "job" lined up for August. Word of mouth spreads fast in these small towns and bel fidanzato's mum has enlisted me to help a good friend of the family who too has her sons wedding to attend.

Today was the first day of another new job. That of infermeria or nurse. In Italy it is common for doctors to prescribe medicines that you have to inject - meaning that YOU actually have to inject them. When I was in Taormina I had an allergic reaction and a friend of a friend who is a doctor prescribed me something that I had to buy from the chemist and then inject. I had never given myself let anyone else an injection in my life, so my friend and I went to the emergency room where the doctor was working and got her to help me out.

Last week bel fidanzato had an operation. He is fine now, but needs to have some injections every night to help his circulation. For the first week we went to his parents house every night to wait for a neighbour who was one of the few people who "can inject." I watched the process and it was very easy as you don't have to put the needle in a vain or muscle, just in the skin. Tonight this lady did not show up, so I said that I surely could do the job...and alas infermeria Leanne was born.


Claire said...

Ahhh that made me giggle out loud. Welcome to the land of nursing. Congratulations on giving your first injection, you should be proud of yourself.

Great to hear that G finally got his operation, I hope all is going well and that he is recovering well.

Speak soon, I lost my password on Skype and am trying to get another one,

Student Midwife Claire

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Daer students midwife,
I remember when you used to practice giving injections on oranges! Well, I got to practice on a real person!!