Monday 8 March 2010

Winter again...

Winter has returned to Malito - snow and all. A freezing wind blew through the village last night and we woke up to a soft layer of snow covering Malito and the surrounding countryside. I was meant to start a temporary work project today at a local school, but it was closed due to the horrible weather conditions!


Jana said...

i keep fingers pressed its over now...i am too cold too (in the Netherlands)...have a good week:)

Gil said...

Can't get any better than having a "snow day" for your first day of work!

Anonymous said...

Just call it part of Mad March weather. We got snow here today in Lazio and that is really really unusual in our part of the world.

Angela said...

Hello Leanne,
My name is Angela and i have just come across your blog today and im so shocked as i come to Rogliano every summer!!! My story is a very long one..the reason i visit Rogliano is because my boyfriend is from there and my parents were also born in Rogliano!! So i hear the weather has been horrible lately?? And there has been landslides everywhere!! Im so glad i came across your blog i would love to meet up with you next time im in Calabria!!! Take care and ci sentiamo presto!!!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Jana,
The sun seems to have come out again in Calabria. I hope it has for you up there too.

Hi Gil,
You're right - I felt like I was lying with my snow story, but it was true!

Hi Cathy,
I saw the snow in Lazio, now that is odd!

Hi Angela,
So you visit Rogliano! I teach there twice a week at the local school - its so close to Malito!