Thursday 6 May 2010

Such stress over sugared almonds

Our wedding is one year, 2 months and 3 days away but I have already selected - and ordered - the material for the bonbonniere...not that I've told anyone here.

Bel fidanzato's mum and his sister-in-law told me that I was mad to start making my bonbonniere now. As I mentioned in a previous post, I need to buy sugared almonds to place inside (I need to put either 3 or 5 inside the little material sack for good luck.) I was thinking of using silver and ivory tulle/organza but changed my mind after bel fidanzato's sister-in-law started going on and on that silver is the colour for the 25th wedding anniversary - not the right colour for a wedding. God forbid should I use the wrong colour! Bel fidanzato's mother said I could do whatever I wanted, but...well actually sister-in-law had a point and silver is the wrong colour - but I could do anything that I wanted. No pressure there!

My bel fidanzato will tell you that I am testa dura or testarda (he tells me everyday.) I agree, I am very stubborn, and don't always like to take advice from others, or listen to others opinions. I will mostly always do what I want regardless of what someone else says. Yes - not the best way to be, but that's me and it's too late to change!! So, while sister-in-law and mother-in-law were going on and on about silver I strolled over to the glass cabinet where there is a hefty collection of bonbonniere.

Sister-in-law I said, your bonbonniere is gold. Is that not the colour of the 50th wedding anniversary? Sister-in-law came over to the glass cabinet, took her wedding bonbonniere and said no, it's a dark ivory, not a light gold...

I pulled out another beautiful bonbonniere which is a large, dark pink, organza flower. Is this a wedding bonbonniere? I asked? Si, yes, it's from XXX wedding last year mother-in-law said. But is pink not the colour for baby girls?

The colour of my bonbonniere was not the main issue however. The issue with me making my bonbonniere now is rather simple, but rather complicated (just like Italy!!!)

I cannot buy the sugared almonds now as they may go off. I pointed out that the family was still eating the sugared almonds left over from sister-in-laws wedding last August and they are fine. It was agreed that technically sugar almonds last a long time BUT (and this is when it really stops making sense) if I buy the sugared almonds now, then by the time the wedding arrives they will be one year old and then if someone wants to open the bonbonniere and eat the almonds a year after the wedding, then they may have gone off - and wouldn't that be brutta figura. So I cannot buy the almonds now, on the off chance that some random guests will want to eat the almonds a year after my wedding, thinking that the almonds are only 1 year old (so still good) when in fact they are 2 years old.

So, now you see why I have bought the materials for the bonbonniere and soon I will buy the almonds, and make all my sacks and then hide them and not tell anyone that I have made them!


Gil said...

My son was in charge of this for his sister's wedding. He figured that he would never be able to tie a ribbon on the huge number o bags so he bought these funny little plastic things. When his mother, my wife, and his wife saw them they went ballistic. He then went our and bought the proper bags. I told him that they had to contain an odd number of almonds from what I remember reading on these bogs and/or Expats in Italy. When I end my lazy spree I should take pictures of them.

LindyLouMac said...

Great Leeanne, I think starting to make them in secret may well be the answer, in what ever colours you have decided are going to be your wedding theme.:)
Now a question for you Leanne.
I have been asked to participate in a mutli blog event on the Italian language! When I write my post I need to pass the invite on will you participate please? I won't say too much as do not want to spoil the fun unless you have already heard about it. I am trying to write it in the next couple of days so can you let me know asap.

Carolina said...

Ha Ha! Outsiders going out of the box can certainly shake things up a bit...make and hide is a great idea! .... do you know the part about using a spoon? :) !!!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Gil,
You just take a photo of your sons creation. Sounds horrible!

Hi LindyLouMa
Making them in secret is the only way.

Hi Carolina,
What's this about the spoon? Never heard mention of a spoon before.

Carolina said...

..sometimes I'm not sure if it's me or "them" :), so glad to know you've never heard it either!!!
OK- so here it is: NEVER (imagine a superstitious tone of voice saying this word), touch the almonds with your hands! You must only use a spoon and if I remember correctly, it must be stainless...!!! Now it could be my ignorance to handling almonds, but the way I was told, it seemed like "bad things would happen" if my fingers ever touched them! No one was ever able to answer my question as to why it was bad or what would happen...
If, I'm not mistaken, there were a few almonds tossed out because they were "touched".... Good luck and beware of your hands!!! ;)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

That fact that I completely followed your SIL's logic scares the hell out of me.

Happy almonding in whatever color and whatever time frame you decide :D