Monday 4 October 2010

Baby update

Bel fidanzato, baby and I are doing well. We are almost at the 6 month mark which means before we know it baby will be here with us!

Can you tell what you are looking at? That's babies bottom, babies thighs and babies little private parts. See that fuzzy part in between the legs? Well, maybe you guessed it, maybe not - but that fuzzy part is to let us know that baby is a little boy!

I knew that I would have a boy. My older sister has a boy - and is pregnant again which makes all 3 of us sisters pregnant at the same time! My sister is about 10 weeks behind us, and we are about 12 weeks behind my twin sister who is due to give birth at the beginning of November. She already has a little boy who will be 1 in a few weeks. So, both my twin and my sister have a boy as the first born, so I knew we too would have a boy. It's going to be baby boy-ville next year when all of my little nephews come to Italy for my wedding. I'm going to have to find lots of cots before they arrive!

Our little boy is doing well and likes dancing up quite a storm in the mornings when I wake up and in the evenings when I am relaxing watching t.v. He is also the 'correct' size and weight which is good since I was worried a few weeks ago. I was last weighed at 21 weeks and I have only put on 1kg - that is 1kg from my starting weight. Baby and I are on a type of diet which is why I have only gained 1kg. In fact I have lost weight in this pregnancy! My clothes are looser on my legs and my stomach does not seem that big for 6 months. Everything I eat goes to baby and he leaves nothing for me which is fine - as long as he is getting what he needs!

Don't worry and think that baby and I are on a diet of sorts due to some eating disorder or the like. Our diet was 'forced' against me since I have gestational diabetes (diabetes when pregnant.) Most women get tested at about 24 weeks or so (I think) but I asked to be tested long ago since diabetes runs in my family, and my twin has had gestational diabetes during both pregnancies. I have to test my blood sugar levels 3 times a day and keep it with a set range (which is hard.) I also have to visit a diabetes specialist once every two weeks. Slowly I am learning what I can and can't eat. I eat now next to no rice, little pasta, bread and potatoes, I have special sugar free cereal and biscuits for breakfast and eat hardly any sweets. No soft drinks, or any type of drink unless they are sugar free... So that is why I have not gained weight! I would love to be eating cake and ice-cream right now but can't! No seconds of pasta for me, I now have to eat less pasta then everyone else and pizza - don't get me started. I do eat pizza but really should time we go out I'll have to eat only half. I really don't want to be put on insulin so am trying to be as good as possible with the diet...Not sure if it's working though as my sugar levels are going crazy this week, but I am convinced my little testing kit isn't working properly since I've been extra good. I'll have to call the specialist tomorrow and have a chat, so here's to hoping that my machine is not working and that my sugar levels are actually ok!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

How exciting that you're having a boy! Congrats.

I've just been looking at your latest house renovation pics - hopefully it won't be long before our roof comes off too.

Take care x x

Claire said...

Good girl, Leanne, keep up the good work eating well. That's fabulous news about having a now you just have to come up with a name. I hope Melanie's baby doesn't come early, I get out of my boot the same week and should be hopefully be able to get myself to the birth. If it comes any earlier I am stuffed! Can't wait to see more pictures of your big belly!

Emmina said...

Having to watch what you eat so closely must be a real pain.... My gynecologist keeps threatening to put me on a diet as I've gained 6 kilos in 19 weeks (oops!). Am eating healthily but giving in to temptation when I absolutely can't resist!! Also have a potato craving, which I'm sure doesn't help!
Great that you're expecting a boy... I think it's nice for the first child to be male, that way any future daughters have a big brother to keep an eye on them haha... I'll hopefully find out too next week!

LindyLouMac said...

How weird that you are all pregnant at the same time :)

nuccia said...

Congrats Leanne! What wonderful news for you all! :)