Thursday 11 November 2010

A call back from Prenatal

Shock horror! I actually received a phone call from a Prenatal customer service operator on Wednesday. A lady called Rosy phoned me. Upon hearing my accent she asked where I was from, and upon hearing my far from perfect Italian response she became extra nice, speaking clearly in well paced Italian so that I could understand her.
She must have been confused since bel fidanzato helped me write the complaint, therefore as you can imagine it was in perfect, professional Italian. The voice that answered the phone (me) was far from perfect and far from professional as I always begin my conversations with the polite lei form but then forget halfway through and revert to using the informal tu. Rosy though was patient and seemed to understand what I was babbling on about. She told me that Prenatal was sorry for the order arriving as it did, and that she could not explain it, but imagined that someone had probably opened the pack thinking there were clothes or something of value inside. I am not sure how you could mistake a pack of maternity pads for clothes especially since there is a giant pad on the front of the pack, but anyway - at least she was trying to think of a good excuse.
I told her that I was disappointed blah, blah and she said that she wanted to email me a 10 euro coupon to use online. I was happy with this offer since my total order had come to 16 euro, and the pads themselves had only cost me a little over 3 euro.
So now, I'm off to search the site to see what I can buy for baby without having to spend anything extra myself.


Anonymous said...

Well that is good news. Happy shopping Leanne.

LindyLouMac said...

Result :)