Thursday, 20 September 2007

Half naked men caught on camera

I have mentioned in previous posts that tourists here in Taormina (and all over the world) leave common sense and clothing at home when they come to a foreign land. 'Spy Leanne' was in action yesterday morning to gather proof for my faithful readers! Every Wednesday morning, the piazza below my balcony is transformed from our normal residential haven into a frenzy of fruit, vegetables, clothes, shoes the weekly market comes to town. Here is a before shot:

From my balcony I spotted these two men:

Let me remind you again that this is a rather small market, frequented by locals and tourists alike. Locals come to buy their fruit, vege and other household items, I go with normally €10 in my pocket to see how much I can buy (yesterday for €12.50 I purchased 1 x tracksuit pants, 2 x long sleeve tops, tomatoes and peaches - clothes all new and fruit and vege very nice!)The tourists it seems go so they can strip off...or let's hope these old, unsightly men went to the market to buy a top since they forgot them in their home land.

STUPID TOURIST COMMENT OF THE DAY: This is a new section that I will add everyday, since this is my job after all.

Middle aged lady calls me as she just arrived to the hotel last night. Speaking in a deliberatly loud and slow voice, using simple words she shouts,

"Do you speak English?"

Leanne wishes she could say, "No you stupid fool, I speak Russian"

What Leanne actually says, with a fake light hearted laugh, "Yes I speak English. You booked with XXX and we are an English travel company..ha...ha...ha"


Domina said...

LOL, your tourist stories always make me laugh!! :) However, great buy! It's pretty cool that admist the rising costs of Italy, you can still find bargains.

I only found your blog 2 days ago but devoured it all in one afternoon. Thanks so much! It is my dream also to one day live in Italy, but at the moment cause of my job, that ain't happening anytime soon. So I am living vicariously through you! Hehehe.

Liz or Domina, I don't mind which :). I am in Australia at the moment, but am studying Italian to sate my interest in the meantime.


PS. Oh and in response to your statement, if I come back to your blog...every day! :)

Leanne said...

Ciao Liz,
Thanks for your comments. You don't know how much I appreciate them! When I started the blog I was not sure if anyone other then my twin sister would read them. :)

Where in AUS are you? We are from Melbourne.

Ci sentiamo presto,

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Welcome to the blog world! I clicked over from Shelley's blog when I saw a new name :) I am definitely interested in hearing more about that part of Italy - I've been to the Palermo/Trapani area twice but not yet to Toarmina. :)

Leanne said...

Ciao Sara,
Thanks for the welcome! You must check out Taormina at some stage, but come off season as you cannot move here for most of the year due to the millions of invading tourists!

Anonymous said...

Keep those comments coming they are so funny.