Friday, 21 September 2007

When I met my bel ragazzo. Part 1

It was not love at first site for my bel ragazzo and I.

For him it was, he saw me and was smitten! HA - just joking, that was not the case. Far from it actually! In the late summer of 2006 my twin sister Melanie and her husband Dean came to visit me in Rome, where I was living and working. I had been living in Italy for about 6 months and had an established group of friend who all worked at one hotel in particular, and on this particular day, armed with twin and brother in law I set out to the hotel to introduce my friends.

I was confronted with a reception full of Russian tourists and a strange, bald headed man behind the reception desk. Who is he! I scoffed angrily. I have never seen this man before! Where are my friends?

A few nights later twin and brother in law had gone (after having met some of the friends) and I went to meet the friends in Campo dei Fiori for a drink or two. Campo dei Fiori for those who have never been is a famous piazza in Rome: by day a market overflowing with flowers and fish, and by night quite the place to be as the whole piazza is filled with bars. My friends and I always went to the same bar, and on this night there was that strange, bald headed man from the hotel. We were introduced and he told me his name was Giuseppe, he was from Calabria and was a father of two. He showed me the photo on his phone, and yes they were cute looking things.

As the night progressed and we drank more and more cocktails I could not help but to despise this newcomer. Why was he drinking with us when his money should be going to support the children? Where were the children? And the mother? For the rest of the night I ignored him, only giving him attention when I could catch his eye and give an evil glance.

A few nights later I was at the hotel chatting to my friends when I saw the father of 2. We sat down, and I being a nosey person who cannot mind my own business asked him where his children were. What? father of 2 said laughing. I was angered by this blatant disrespect for the fruits of his loin and giving what I hoped was a malicious look, I took Giuseppe's phone from his hand and flipped it open to reveal the children in question. What are you talking about? They are my cousins. I don't have any children. the story unfolded. Bel ragazzo and I used to only speak English (I know, I know...but I spoke Italian like a baby and I was so, so embarrassed!) and he had not yet managed to perfect the English tone of sarcasm. That night at Campo dei Fiori he did not notice my death stares, or the fact that I was ignoring him, as Giuseppe (who is not bald either, just shaves his head...there is a difference. And did I mention he has a perfect smile displaying perfect teeth? And to top it all off sparkling green eyes? I always wanted a green eyed man - so hard to find too.) But getting back to that night, Giuseppe did not notice my strange behaviour and the fact that I was ignoring him as I found out that he is a little shy! (Or rather annoyingly shy when it comes to getting together.)

This is not the end of the tale. Once I knew he was not the father of 2 children we did not fall into each others arms, rather more simply we became friends...You'll have to wait for the next edition of Getting together with the bel ragazzo


Anonymous said...

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Di Mackey said...

I had to smile over your story.

As for Campo dei Fiori, I stayed in the hotel the first time I was in Rome and consider dei Fiori 'home' when I'm there now. I'm glad your story had such a happy ending :)