Thursday 29 November 2007

Bingo in Portugal the title suggests things are getting a little quiet here in Portugal. I have no customers coming in, just the 'long term' gangs of pensioners who come to stay here 6 weeks - 4 months depending on what takes their fancy. The holidays here in Portugal are very, very cheap and a lot of pensioners come as it is cheaper to have a holiday here then to pay the heating bills in the UK for the winter.

At first I thought this was strange, but the more I think about it, and the more I speak to my long termers it makes perfect sense. Why would you chose to freeze in the UK over winter, when you could come and sit on the beach here for next to nothing?

And to top it all off I have now resorted to organising Bingo games in the hotels to keep the old dears entertained!

P.S This time next week my bel ragazzo will be here!


Roam2Rome said...

Bingo nights are so characteristic of retired couples! Too cute! Sounds like a mellow winter is in store for you :) When do you return to Italy again?

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne, how are you?
My name is Lucio and I am an Italian guy living now in Sydney.
I came across your blog cause I was actually looking for mine! :-)
Let me explain this: when I first arrived in Sydney one year ago I started a blog and called it From Italia to Australia ( and few days ago I was checking what happens if you google it. Well, I found it but I also found yours! :-))) So, believe it or not, after a twin sister you also have a twin blog! :-D
Our stories and paths are very similar (except that I haven't found an Aussie girl yet :-))), just the opposite way!
Well, I reckon this story is pretty funny and unexpected so I thought it was worth mentioning it. I'll also put a link to your blog one mine so the Italians coming to Australia can always have a look at what they left behind! ;-) If you like my blog, please feel free to put a link to it on yours as well.
Have fun and enjoy Italy (when you go back there from Portugal!).


Delina said...

I agree that the pensioners are doing the right thing. I've heard a lot about how many UK pensioners can't afford the heating bills.

Bingo is such an international game. ehehe.

The Blonde Hurricane said...

Hi, Leanne! I accidentally came across your blog and was fascinated and have read the whole thing, saved it to my favorites, and am hoping to keep up with your adventures in the future!! I can totally relate to your love of Italy and sympathize with your comments of confusing the Italians!! I laughed about your half Calabrese, half Pugliese = 100% Australian description!! My story is different but I share some of your same feelings about confusing people! I'm half Italian and half American. My mom is from the Friuli region and she met my dad the first time he was stationed in northern Italy as a young man in the U.S. Air Force. So that's how I'm half and half! :-) I was born in Italy, have passports/citizenship from both countries, and have lived most of my life in Europe. I spent my formative years in Italy, my early teens in Germany, and then finished up high school in the States. After high school, I returned to Italy and have been "bouncing" back and forth between Italy, Germany, and Turkey for the past 16 years, but mostly Italy!!! Now I'm married to an American as well, but who's lived overseas for more than a dozen years himself! We like to think of ourselves as "international"! :-) We have been in Germany for 5 years now, and I totally agree with you -- if you make an effort to learn the language, people are so much more open!!! I was fortunate enough to grow up speaking both Italian and English and I always make an effort to communicate in German here, even if I sound like I'm ten years old!!! Ha ha ha! When I'm home in Italy and I'm traveling around the country, Italians are always surprised when I open my mouth and speak Italian because I don't "look" like I'm Italian!!! So it's kind of the opposite of what you've been describing! It's harder for me to "blend in" lookswise. I have naturally medium-brown hair but I've been a platinum blonde since I was a teenager, so everyone assumes I'm from Scandinavia or something!!! It's funny, to Italians I'm not a "real Italian" and to Americans I'm not a "real American"! I prefer to think I've captured the best traits of both cultures! Ha ha ha! Anyhow...after all this babbling, I wanted to say hello and let you know that your blog touched me! I also share your passion of travel, other cultures, and everything Italian!!! My heart will always be in Italy!

Keep up the great writing! Stop by and say hello on my blog if you're looking for something to read! I love to have visitors!


Anonymous said...

Hey Leanne it is a great idea l love following the sun around the world. Winter is way to cold:) Glad to see all is well for you!

Madelyne said...

I haven't played bingo in years. We used to play it on christmas day with all my aunts & would get so rowdy.

Woo will soon see your man!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWIN - not sure when you will read this next... probably when G. has gone back to Italy.
Enjoy your birthday on your side of the world and I'll enjoy mine over this side!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

I have not been to the internet for so long and it was such a lovely surprise to find lots of messages!

RometoRome I will be back in Italy in 4 weeks I hope! Mid January and I am out of this rather quiet place...

Lucio - ciao and how funny that we have oppisite blogs, I'll check yours out and then link to you for sure :)

Delina - Bingo is sadly international and now I have to play it again on Boxing day...what fun.

Jess - so glad you like the blog :) i'll check yours out too!

Confessions of Cleopantha - It is lovely to chase the sun, but you do not have to do that now as it is summer time down under! How nice to have summer.

Hi Madelyne - so you love a game or two of Bingo..we are going to play Irish Bingo next which shall be interesting as I have no idea what it is...

Dear Melanie - Happy Birthday too!