Tuesday 20 November 2007

Raining in Portugal

There is not much news to report from my temporary home of Portugal. It is raining which I believe they much needed (as do many countries) so I cannot complain, and although it is raining it is not cold.

One month has already passed here, and another 8 weeks left before I can return to Italy and my bel ragazzo. We are booking a flight today for him to come and visit me, but it is quite pricey for a flight direct from Rome to Faro. It is cheaper for him to go Rome London - London Faro which although cheaper is more annoying as it means chopping and changing and staying over night at the airprot unless he wants to pay for a hotel room for a few hours which will then make it that same price as coming direct from Rome! Che palle!

I think we will just pay more to come direct so he can be here quicker!

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