Tuesday, 13 November 2007

No smoking - not in Portugal

Most countries have imposed a smoking ban - meaning no smoking in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, supermarkets etc... Well most countries except Portugal that is. Let me start this blog entry by admitting that I do on occasion smoke cigarettes, but that these free for all smokers over here are driving me to distraction!

You can smoke pretty much anywhere you want here - in hotels; the lobby, there are even ash trays by all the lifts of each floor. You can smoke in the shopping centres, in the food courts and in the supermarkets although you are not meant to smoke in the store itself, this is not going to stop them. Car parks, petrol stations, bars, restaurants and toilets. In most of the tolilets I have been in there are those little cigarette holders, so you can put your cigarette down while you have a pee!

What makes me the most angry is when I am at my hotel, in which I live and work. I have visiting times where the guests can come and see me, so all dolled up in my horrid uniform I sit in the spacious lobby and wait. Without fail people will come and sit by me and light up a cigarette and blow smoke in my face. They are not my guests, they can see I am working, and there are plenty of other chairs, but no! This is a free country after all and they can smoke any where they please. The number of times I am waiting for a lift down from my floor to reception and there are people chain smoking as they wait...quickly stubbing out the cigarette when the lift comes, and then exhaling their smoke once the door seals shut behind us. Can they not smoke in their room? Or wait till they have finished with the lift? Are they that desperate for a cigarette they cannot wait 2 more minutes.

Apparently next year the ban is coming in here and I cannot wait (although I will not be here, but many people are as fed up as I) I am happy to comprimise and have smoking and non smoking sections but this free for all is frankly not on!


Roam2Rome said...

Really? There isn't a smoking ban in Portugal? Hmmm... That's not good! I didn't know I had asthma until I went to Europe and people began blowing smoke in my face! Found out very quickly then...

Leanne said...

Sim - no there is not yet a smoking ban here....Soon however we hope.