Monday 28 January 2008

Almost a resident

Another week has flown by (almost literally as we have had very strong wind throughout the week - so much so that we did not make it to Taormina in the end as the ferries connecting the mainland of Italy to Sicily were cancelled.) I am now 98% a resident, all that remains is for my mum to firstly locate and then fax a copy of my birth certificate for the comune to keep on file. They have printed a document saying that I am a resident of the village, which meant that this morning the bel ragazzo and I visited some office or another and got myself sorted with a codice fiscale - which is the Italian equivalent of a tax file number or national insurance number! Only a few more bits and pieces to be sorted now, but honestly I am so very lucky to have dual citizenship as without this I am sure the process of 'becoming' Italian would have been very difficult indeed.

Some photos will soon be uploaded here but the down side to my temporary village life is that the internet is sooooooo slow that I have been sitting here for 1 hour and have not managed to down load even one photo - and this being a non touristy town, or region for that matter there are no internet cafe's around. Hmmm...patience is a virtue which I do not have.

One of the many churches of Malito

The front of the church

Some doors of Malito - old door:

Little doors

Big doors

Door-less doors

Doors with big keys

Back in the days of Il Duce

Roof top view

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