Saturday 12 April 2008

Earthquake in Rome

This morning I was woken from my slumber by a strange sound and sensation. I felt the room shake a little, and heard a strange noise. 'Hai sentito?' I said shaking my bel ragazzo to see if he had heard or felt anything.

At first I thought I may have had a bad hangover - but then remembered that the strongest this that I drank was water as I had an early night last night (I am not the most 'with it' person in the morning.) Then I thought maybe I was unwell and my head was spinning a little and it just felt like the world was spinning. Once I crossed out those two options, I thought it was my housemate coming home (he is a night owl)which would explain this noise, but not the shake.

Turns out that there was an earth tremor in Rome! When I found out that it was not my mind playing tricks on me, I must admit that I was filled with a child like excitement. I know earthquakes are dangerous, and many people have been killed by the horrific wrath of mother nature...however I have never felt an earthquake before and I have to be truthful that sadly I was very excited that I had felt it.

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