Thursday 31 July 2008

Arrivederci San Paolo...

I am almost done packing...almost.

I will miss my big, bright and spacious San Paolo apartment with the lift that often does not work (like last night for example. Let's hope it works when we actually move.)

I will miss living next door to the cinema (literally next door) where they have movies for €2,50-€3,50 (We may go one last time tonight, and we did see 2 movies last weekend so have been making the most of it. We saw 2 great films; Il Treno Per Dajeerling - The Dajeerling Limited and L'anno in cui miei genetori andarono in vacanza - The year my parents went on vacation Both fantastic films easy to understand as not so heavy on the dialogue.)

I will miss the worlds best, best, best gelateria which is in front of the metro station. I know there are many gelateria's around, but this one is the best - and believe me I have sampled a lot of them! (I will have to eat my last one tonight.)

I will miss the kebab shop that does such great felafel kebabs. So fresh and then man that works there is so friendly. (Also I will have to eat my last one tonight.)

I will miss going on picnics to the San Paolo Basilica park just up the road.

However...I am really looking forward to live in San Giovanni. Living within the city walls, not having to take the filthy metro ever, ever again, having an array of restaurants, bars, cafes at my door step and basically getting to know a new neighbourhood.

I'll keep you posted how I find it!

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