Saturday 12 July 2008

Stupid tourist comment of the day.

I just hung up the phone after speaking with a very stupid couple and thought I had to immediately include this in my list of stupid tourist comments.

This man called, whilst driving as he was lost and wanted to know how to get to Pompeii.

L: Ok, can you tell me where you are?

We don't know where we are.

L: You don't know where you are? I'm sorry but I cannot help you with directions if I don't know where you are. Where have you come from?

We got the car from termini station about 20 minutes ago and have been driving but I think in the wrong direction and we don't know where we are. We cannot see any signs or anything and our map is stupid. Oh hang on...I see a 'Via Fog or something'

L: Rome is like London Sir, with thousands of streets and I don't know which street you are talking about. You need to be heading in the direction of San Giovanni, or for the ring road depending where you are. Can you not ask someone?

Customer is a little angry now. There is no one around. We need to buy a decent map as the map they gave us it stupid. Where can I buy a decent road map from?

L: Well I need to know where you are to say where you can buy a road map from. Basically you need to head for San Giovanni which should be clearly marked on your small Rome map we gave you, or if you are not near that then the ring road.

I'll ask someone where I am. Then will I just see signs for Pompeii?

L: Pompeii is a long way away... It will not be signposted for some time. You need to follow signs for Napoli and then eventually, after a few hours you will come to signs pointing the way for Pompeii.
I am sorry I cannot help you more, but really I need to know where you are in order to help you.

Sounding most put out the customers hung up! your own country do you not look at the map and plan the route BEFORE getting on the road? Would you not ask the car rental company to point you in the right direction? Would you...would you....would you rathern not just stay at home and leave me in peace you imbacile!

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