Saturday 25 July 2009

Getting married in Rome (no not me!)

I am leaving the hot and humid Sorrento for an even hotter and humid - don't worry - I have not lost my mind, pining for a Rome that I could not wait to leave last year...I am SO glad to no longer be living there and this time I am returning, with pleasure to attend my first Italian wedding!

Bel ragazzo's
cousin is getting married (a cousin I have never met but that is neither here nor there.) The family was invited and since Rome is a little trek from Calabria and his parents did not feel the urge to make the journey by bus in the blistering heat, it was decided that we would go. Bel ragazzo is already there for work, so I am getting the bus from Sorrento tonight (bargain for only euro 31,50 RETURN) and will arrive into my favourite station Tiburtina tonight...(note sarcasm)

For once I am excited (seriously, I am not being sarcastic this time) as I will be in Rome for only 2 nights, I can see my friends again, and attend my first Italian wedding. I cannot wait! I have been to hundreds of massive family Australian/Italian weddings but these are not the real thing. Who knows what awaits me Sunday night...a big, fun, festa I hope!

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