Wednesday 21 October 2009

Zia Leanne

I am now officially an auntie for the second time! My twin sister has given birth to a little boy this evening Australian time...and in only 11 days he is going to meet me at the Melbourne airport as my 10 week holiday begins.

Time is ticking quite fast and things are coming to a close here in Sorrento. The season has had it's ups and downs, but more ups which sees me saying a rather fond farewell to Sorrento. Not so fond that I would come back to live or work here - let's not get excited - but fond in the respect that I look forward to coming back as a tourist one day.

Next Friday I leave and start what will be a very long jounrey to Australia. I am itching to tell you all where the bel ragazzo and I will be next year...but am going to hold out a little bit longer. I know...I know...I'm nasty!

HA - ok...some clues: We will be in the northern hemisphere so although we are going back to Australia it is only for a double summer holiday. We will be back.

I will not have to learn a new language where I am does that mean we are staying in Italy or going to the UK?'s really got to be one of those as I do not speak any Greek or Spanish except for random phrases (such as - you smell like a goat - which I can say in Greek - and please don't ask why I can say that oh so useful phrase!)

I will be with the bel ragazzo - so no surprises there...and we are going to..... to be continued.

I may not be blogging a lot in the next few months as 1) the lap top is back with us and still very dead so no luck with the stupid technician who charged us for doing nothing...2) I am off on holidays...3) Did I mention I am going to have a double summer!


Rosa said...

Woohoo, congrats to your sister and family.
Hope Melbourne´s summer isn`t as hot as last years.
Do post from Oz...

Gil said...

At my age I wouldn't mind a double Summer. When I was younger I prayed for double Winters. Enjoy your 2nd Summer and your new niece!

Piccola said...

Congrats to you and your sister and family!! Sounds like you are in for a great trip. I look forward to reading about where you will go next. I am glad to hear that you and bel ragazzo will be together. Have fun and safe travels!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Scintilla,
I'll make sure I post from here just for you!

Hi Gil,
Thanks for the warm wishes.

Hi Piccola,
Thanks so much!