Thursday 5 November 2009

Otranto - Puglia

I am happy to say that I can share some more photos with you. The laptop is still dead, so has been left behind in Italy - but Nikita the camera is with me (in Australia) and it just so happens I had not yet downloaded some photos from her onto my laptop!

So I still cannot show you two of the most beautiful Umbrian villages that bel ragazzo and I went to...but I can show you some photos of a small seaside town called Otranto in Puglia.

Otranto is situated on the east coast of the peninsula. The town itself is not the main draw card of the area. Close by you have the stunning city of Lecce (known as the Florence of the south) and the reason we found ourselves here was for work. Bel ragazzo had to visit a hotel for work, well not a real hotel but a masseria. A masseria is an old farm house most commonly found in Puglia. The region is dotted with these beautifully restored farm houses (which translates as being very expensive) and most of them these days are hotels.

In recent years this area of Puglia has become popular with German and American bike riding tours (or so we were told whilst staying at the Masseria. We were the only "real" guests as the rest were part of this bike tour.) The ground is flat - perfect for walking and bike riding, the roads are near deserted, as far as the eye can see are olive groves and at the end of one such road is the crystal clear ocean. These unique houses, mixed with mother nature and few tourists is what draws certain people to this area. If you are wanting a package holiday, English breakfast and an Irish pub then this area is not for you, but if you like to explore relatively untouristy areas - then Puglia should definitely be on your list. (See here for another beautiful town in Puglia - Alberobello.)


Kim B. said...

My husband's dad is from family, and I would love to get down there! Thanks for this view!

Laura said...

Ciao Leanne! Beautiful photos! I love your new banner image. Where is that from? Hope you're having a blast in Australia!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Kim,
It really is such a lovely area.

Hi Laura,
The banner is our house we are going to do up in Calabria!