Sunday 9 May 2010

Favourite Italian Words

LindyLouMac from the fantastic blog News from Italy tagged me over on her blog. Favorite Italian words: The Sequel (Lindylou is from the UK, and like us Australians spells favourite with a U...but since the originator of the tag  is American, I too have left the U out.

Now this request is easier said than done as I have never really thought about my favourite words!

1) I guess my favourite words are Amore Mio which is one of the names I use for the bel fidanzato. It means 'my love' but that just is so corny when you translate it into English!! In Italian however it is lovely, and I use it all the time. I also use just amore or amo. I never actually use bel fidanzato's name.   

2) Now this is not a word, but 2 words that I love saying: Che palle! The literal translation is What balls! but it is a very commonly used phrase that is a softer version of saying che c**zo. I guess a little like saying Damn! in English. I cannot remember where I learnt this phrase, but it was either the bel fidanzato or my ex-colleague from Taormina since those 2 have been my main 'italian teachers.' 

3) My next word may be a strange word to be on the list, but I love it. Pipistrello which means bat (the animal) in English.
Bat...pipistrello...bat...pipistrello - come on! Surely you see why I love that word! Again not sure where I learnt that word but I'll tell you something rather personal that I am sure you wish I had not told you...When I need to go to the toilet, rather then say devo fare pipi (I have to wee) I say (only to the bel fidanzato) devo fare pipistrello - because for some reason I think it is the funniest thing! I laugh all the time and now say it automatically. I am sure I've had many a strange look from an Italian as I call out to bel fidanzato that I have to make a bat.

4) I have a lot of favourite words that derive from a pig. Some are rude, and some are cute, so I'll share the cute one which I use all the time. Porcellina - which means little pig. I am a porcellina when it comes to eating anything sweet! I also love the saying Porca P*t*ana but will not mention that as it is a little rude.

5) I also love the word dai - which is pronounced like the word die - but which sort of means 'come on.' I always use it in the car when some fool does something illegal/dangerous/stupid in front of me. "Ma dai signora!" "But come on woman!" You need to have the right tone of voice, and use a little hand gesture with it. I also use it when I am impatient and there is some fool in front of me at the supermarket for example "dai!" come on!  If I am angry then often # 2 (above) will follow.

Oh and I have to add in number 6) as I love saying it "Boh" It's sort of pronounced like Homer Simpsons Doh! and means nothing, it's just a noise really..but the noise means 'I don't know' 'I don't care' 'I have no idea....' - you get the gist. It is a little noise but I use it all the time. I love it!!

Does anyone reading this have a favourite Italian word?


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I love Linda's blog..:-)

Anonymous said...

I really like your choices Leanne. Well done.

LindyLouMac said...

Oh thanks Leanne and Anne you are so kind xx
Leanne I love your choices, you had me laughing out loud and have given me some new expressive phrases to use myself.
One point I maybe did not make clear or you did not notice in the rules, is that you are supposed to link on your post to some more blogs inviting them to join in! Sorry about that.
Thanks again for joining in though, not as easy as it first seemed though was it.

LuLu said...

Good ones, Leanne. I love Pipistrello too...but just the word. I was convinced a pipistrello was going to swoop down at me and get tangled in my hair during our nightly passeggiata. My friends enjoyed laughing at me as I walked with my arms covering my head and ducking with every moving shadow. :P

Sarah Elizabeth said...

A great selection! I'm with you on the 'dai' and 'boh.' My most commonly used phrase is 'che schiffo!' And I also love 'gufo' although I'm not really sure why!

Canedolia said...

As well as all the ones you listed, I love "allora" and "ma che" (not sure if that's how you spell that) as everyday expressions. My personal favourite, though is "che gnocco" because every time I hear that phrase, I remember my friend's son holding up a real, giant gnocco on his fork and lunch one day and pronouncing it in all sincerity :-)

Sara Louise said...

I didn't have a favorite Italian word before but I do now; 'boh!' love it!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Anne,
I am new to Linda's blog but I like what I've seen.

Hi Cathy,

Hi LindyLou,
It was a fun post to do - thanks!

Hi LuLu,
Glad you like the word pipistrello too - it's great!

Hi Sarah,
Che schiffo - yep I like that one too!

Hi Canedolia,
HA! Great words.

Hi Sara,
Yep, BOH is a great one.

paige said...

Stumbled upon your blog from...somewhere. Been hopping and have lost the breadcrumb trail.


I love #4. I call my little doggie "piglet" sometimes. Now I might call her porcellina.

I like your blog and will come by again, if that's okay by you. :)