Wednesday 19 May 2010

Godfather country

Gosh - it's been a while since my last post. I've been busy making plans for my wedding which is more than 1 year away, finishing up with my naughty public school students and learning to make paper...amongst other things.

I have been meaning to post some pictures from our weekend trip to Sicily. I may have lived in Taormina for 8 months, but I never got around to visiting the town where a lot of the Godfather movie was shot. I always wanted to go, and the town itself is close enough to Taormina, but I guess I was waiting for the bel fidanzato to come with me.

It is so close for us to pop over to Sicily - it took us 3 hours in all, which is nothing considering that the majority of the autostrada is being extended, therefore is mostly one lane at the moment. The 3 hours included buying ferry tickets, queuing (with the car) to get onto the ferry, finally getting on, then finally getting off the ferry and then driving up to Taormina. The weather was perfect, I spent the night in my old apartment, and got to see my old friend/colleague again. 

We only stayed for the night and on the Sunday stopped by in Savoca to see the 'city of art' and some locations from The Godfather.  

Savoca is a small but pretty town, and if it weren't for The Godfather I'm sure the majority of people would pass it by. I however like little towns, and I love The Godfather so was quite excited to be there.

Here's the church where Michale gets married:

And of course the famous bar:

I love Sicily!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Leanne. I can see why you like Sicily!

Gil said...

Your pictures make Sicily look better than I remember when we spent Easter there a few years ago!

LindyLouMac said...

Lovely photographs and it looks like summer had already arrived when you were there. Big sigh from Lazio where it has not stopped raining, until today shush!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures - I haven't been to Sicily yet. In fact in the 3 years I've been living in Italy I've hardly been anywhere as holidays are usually spent going back to Scotland. I keep dropping my fiancee hints that it would be nice if he took me away for a weekend somewhere but he hasn't picked up on it yet!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Thanks Cathy :)

Gil, perhaps it's time for another visit to Sicily!

Hi Sarah Elizabeth,
Keep dropping those not so subtle hints and you'll get to Sicily one of these days!