Thursday 2 September 2010

Picnic in the Pollino

Last weekend bel fidanzato and I went for a picnic about an hours drive north of here, to the Pollino mountains which is part of a National Park. We weren't there by chance, we were there to see some of my aunts and uncles who were on holiday from Australia. My aunts are two of dad's sisters so therefore they were going back to visit their home town, Policastrello, which is surrounded by the Pollino mountain ranges. 

The setting for the picnic was beautiful.

The land was well cultivated as herds of cows live in this area of the park and they make sure the grass doesn't get too long. They had run off by the time I whipped my camera out.

We were about 1300m high and the air was refreshingly cool. There was lots of food including hamburgers which my aunts had made Australian style and lots of vegetarian plates for me. I still got harassed by everyone there that the baby needs meat...but I am used to this by now so just smile. And of course there was watermelon as no summers day would be complete without hordes of the stuff!

There was of course lots of music and even a bit of dancing. A man and lady in our group whipped out their guitars and a guy grabbed his accordion from the car.

Picnics are never a dull affair in Italy!

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