Sunday 23 January 2011

Baby update: Wednesday

After a relatively peaceful nights sleep I woke up anxiously waiting for the doctor to make his rounds. At about 9:00am he came into the room and I explained my situation. He sent me off to the delivery rooms to have another fetal heart and contraction scan, then told me to come and find him later for a visit.

An hour or so later I was back with my scans in hand. I asked a nurse if I could see the doctor and she just took my scan and went into his visiting room leaving me outside. A moment later she returned and told me to go to bed and wait for an update.

So I went to bed and waited about 15 minutes, then went back and asked the same nurse how long exactly did I have to wait in bed. She, being not the most communicative of nurses, told me that she didn't know how long I had to wait, but I just had to wait.

So I went to bed and waited, but then I started getting angry and impatient as it was practically midday and still no one was paying me any attention. I am not an attention seeker, but I thought they told me that I had to urgently check in to hospital! I marched back up to the nurses station and thankfully there was another nurse who was shocked that I as still waiting to hear from the doctor. She went into his visiting room, came back one moment later and escorted me to the delivery rooms. From that moment on everything changed. The head of the maternity ward came in to see me and said that they were arranging for me to transfer beds straight away, a gynecologist pulled me into his office and told me they wanted to stimulate/induce me in a few minutes. My file was finally looked at and at last I was getting the treatment I had been expecting. The maternity ward of the Cosenza public hospital has a good reputation, and now I was beginning to see why.

I was moved into a triple room with pink walls, a lilac bathroom door, a mint green bathroom and mint green baby room. The world's oldest and surely most annoying mother was one of my room mates, and I had run-ins with her and her crazy family, but she is gone now so I will not waste my time talking about makes me angry just thinking of her! (Basically she had a fever, or so she claimed and would not let me open the window. They blast the heating in the hospital and I was sweating to death, in the end the 2nd room mate went and got a nurse who had to force her to open the window.)

Once settled into my room, I was whisked off to the delivery suits yet again and stimulated for what would be the first of many times. I had to wait 12 hours to see if anything happened, and having a cheeky little baby in my tummy meant that of course nothing happened!

I spent a hot and sweaty night sleeping in my pastel coloured room, since the old neo-mother had her anciently old mother spending the night with her, and she kept shutting the windows, and I had no energy left to fight.


LindyLouMac said...

Oh Leanne, poor you I hope you have managed to stay calm and that you will soon have news for us of the birth of that 'cheeky' baby. Meanwhile will be thinking of you.
Take Care x

LaLa said...

Leanne thanks for the updates, I know you must be so uncomfortable. That crazy lady will make for a funny story when the baby is older. How many people to one room? I've only ever experienced two to a room and dealing with someone else's family can be horrendous (as you know). You are in my thoughts truly. Hugs.