Sunday 23 January 2011

Baby update: Thursday

On Tuesday I was ignored at the hospital, by Thursday I was not left alone. My stimulation the night before did nothing, and by nothing I mean really absolutely nothing. Thursday morning I woke up nice and early thanks to the cleaners, had my breakfast and then was called into the visiting rooms.

There were 6 of us lined up, waiting for the doctor to call our names and tell us what treatment lay ahead for us. We were all going to be stimulated again, another girl like me had problems and they wanted the baby to be born soon, and the others were all over 40 weeks pregnant.

I was the second on the list - not bad at all since they prioritise us case by case (or not good since they think I have problems more serious then the other 5 people.) I was sent once again to the delivery rooms for another fetal heart/contraction scan and then was induced with a gel. This gel is only effective for 6 hours, so after re-visiting for a scan every 2 hours, I went back after 6 hours to be stimulated for the third time.

The days normally pass quickly at the hospital, that is if you are like me and have scans and the like every 2 hours. That evening I was very excited as finally I felt the first signs that labour was on its way...I had some contractions, very faint and not painful but contractions none the less. That night I went to bed, happily in a little bit of pain that I didn't even bother about the crazy old neo-mother in the other bed.

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